Champagne for Your Real Friends (and Colleagues, and Lovers…)



There’s an entire class of people in life for whom your holiday presents should be personal, but not too personal—thoughtful, but not stalker-thoughtful. (Nothing says “I hacked into your e-mail” like getting your boss something she mentioned once in July and then forgot about.) Generally, these are people you want to impress: corporate associates, crushes, casual friends you’d like to know better—or, at best, all three. For years, we’ve struggled with what to buy for this sort of person and always ended up with bath products or fruit baskets. Surely, we can do better.

So it was welcome news when we learned that Moët & Chandon has introduced what might be the absolute perfect semi-personal gift. It’s called MyMoët, and it’s a service that allows you to customize a bottle (or a Magnum, if you’re looking to get generous with your holiday bonus) of Moët’s famous Champagne with a message of your choice—written out in Swarovski crystals, no less. Each crystal is hand-applied, using a stencil to outline the message, by one of two distributors who craft the bottles in their shops and ship them directly to you or your lucky recipient. The result is a glittering gift sure to be heartily appreciated by anyone on your list.


To design your bottle, simply visit and play around with their fun little widget, which features several symbols in addition to numbers and letters. On the standard-sized bottle, you get one row of seven characters (perfect for “Cheers!”) and on the Magnum, two rows of eight characters each, meaning you’ll have to be even more concise than you are on Twitter. Bonus points if you can find a way to make it funny and cheeky—or, failing that, very earnest. You could, for example, stash a “Marry me?” bottle under the tree: and when she says yes, your celebration is ready and waiting.