Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian Let Us Inside Their Bedrooms

Photos by Julia Kulik.

Since she first appeared on our TV screens in 2007, Kourtney Kardashian Barker, née Kourtney Mary Kardashian, has been marching to the beat of her own drum. She won over fans with her holistic and rather candid approach to healthy living. Remember when she filmed her water birth in 2012, or ate her own placenta? Her deadpan humor and savage honesty with her sisters—who can forget the sobering diamond earring moment in Bora Bora, delivered in her signature deadpan?—established Kourtney as an early fan-favorite and one of the most endearing sisters in a family of outsize personalities. Naturally, the enterprising 43-year-old mother of three has turned her penchant for holistic rituals and “good vibes” into a slew of successful business ventures. First came Poosh, a platform through which the Calabasas queen shares the secrets and good habits that helped improve her family’s quality of life. And with her latest venture, the vitamin and supplement brand Lemme, Kourtney wants her followers to achieve serenity from the inside out. There are her Lemme matcha gummies, which support cellular energy and boost metabolism. Then, after she was swept off her feet by her husband Travis Barker, Kardashian released a “love tincture,” a flower elixir that helps you “love harder, fall deeper.” So it follows that now Kourtney’s taking us to bed. The new “Lemme Sleep” gummy (launching on November 29), announced for the first time here, promotes a good night’s sleep and delicious dreams. On the occasion of its release, Kourtney enlisted Khloé for the “Lemme Sleep” campaign video, premiering exclusively on Interview, in which Kourtney appears as a modern-day tinker-bell lulling her sister into a fairytale snooze. Then, we had the sisters interview each other about sleep habits, bedtime snacks, and secret drawers. They tried to keep it SFW.


KHLOÉ: Kourt, I want to know where you are at this very moment.

KOURTNEY: I am in my bedroom, sitting on my bed. This is my office.

KHLOÉ: Nice. What did you eat for breakfast?

KOURTNEY: I had a matcha in bed made by my husband at like 8:00 a.m. and then I had a shake after my workout, also made by my husband.

KHLOÉ: Wow. Good for you. Tell me, is it that avocado shake?

KOURTNEY: You know what, it’s not that avocado shake. 

KHLOÉ: Oh, you’re venturing out. I’m so proud of you.

KOURTNEY: It’s a banana shake.

KHLOÉ: I think I know this answer, but are you a morning person?

KOURTNEY: You think you know, Khloé, but I am a morning person.

KHLOÉ: What time in the morning?

KOURTNEY: You know I get up every day at six.

KHLOÉ: Kourtney?

KOURTNEY: 6:15 to 6:30 a.m.

KHLOÉ: Kourtney. Kourtney Mary.

KOURTNEY: Except for…

KHLOÉ: Oh, okay. There we go.

KOURTNEY: Except for the days when the kids are with their dad. Then I get up at around 8:00 a.m.

KHLOÉ: Okay, good for you. I’m into that. What makes you feel divine?

KOURTNEY: What makes me feel divine?

KHLOÉ: Is my background noise, like the TV, is that bothering you guys?

KOURTNEY: Pretty aggressive if you ask me.

KHLOÉ: No. Is it for real? I could lower it.

KOURTNEY: I mean, it is a little.

KHLOÉ: Oh, okay. Hold on. Let me lower it, darling. One second.

KOURTNEY: What makes me feel divine? I feel like, silk pajamas. I have a few things. Silk pajamas. A great workout. And I could plug a Lemme right here. My “Lemme Focus.” [Kardashian’s concentration gummy].

KHLOÉ: Fuck yes. You better feel divine on those things. What do you keep on your nightstand?

KOURTNEY: I currently have our—

KHLOÉ: Let’s be PG here.

KOURTNEY: Okay. I’m going to keep it real because I’m sitting next to my nightstand. So I have a lighter, I have a brain squishy that I’m now squishing. I have mints in a glass jar. They look very fancy.

KHLOÉ: Nancy.

KOURTNEY: I have our Poosh collab candle that smells like a Christmas tree. I have an actual phone that plugs into the wall.

KHLOÉ: Nostalgic.

KOURTNEY: I have some papers that I’m supposed to go through at some point and may never.

KHLOÉ: Yeah, that’s probably been there for 10 months.

KOURTNEY: And then I have a box. You probably have the same thing, but maybe yours is not next to your bed. it’s a box that Kendall gave me last year for Christmas. It has little papers inside and you randomly choose one and then it has a nice quote for the day.

KHLOÉ: What a fucking bitch.

KOURTNEY: Oh, you didn’t get the same thing?

KHLOÉ: I don’t think so. What the fuck. I’m actually going to call her after this because I am the quote queen.

KOURTNEY: Wait, I have two more things. Okay?

KHLOÉ: Oh. God. I have a lot of anxiety based off of your dresser or your nightstand.

KOURTNEY: I have a glass carafe with water. And I have a Lalique little black vase that was a wedding gift. You know how dad had that Lalique bigger vase with the naked woman on it?

KHLOÉ: Yeah.

KOURTNEY: This is a mini version, in black.

KHLOÉ Ooh. Love it.

KOURTNEY: That’s the end.

KHLOÉ: Thank god. I was about to go over there and declutter your room. What do you wear to bed?

KOURTNEY: It depends on who’s in bed with me.


KOURTNEY: If it’s my kids, it’s usually silk pajamas or a vintage t-shirt and Travis’s boxers.

KHLOÉ: Pajamas with long sleeves? Like, long pants and sleeves?

KOURTNEY: Always with long sleeves and long pants. Or a vintage t-shirt in Travis’s boxers. And then if it’s just me and him, then it’s a little nothing or boxers and no shirt. I don’t know. I switch it up. I always got to keep it interesting.

KHLOÉ: Keep him guessing. Does Trav snore?

KOURTNEY: Absolutely not, Khloé.

KHLOÉ Oh. How the hell do I know? I’ve never slept with him. Does snoring bother you? You can’t control it.

KOURTNEY: Yeah, I think you can go to the doctor or something.

KHLOÉ: Oh my gosh. Through sickness and health.

KOURTNEY: True. But he does not.

KHLOÉ: Oh, well god bless.

KOURTNEY: It’s a non-issue.

KHLOÉ: Do you have a secret drawer? And if so, what do you keep in it?

KOURTNEY: Well, I have many.

KHLOÉ: Oh, nice. I don’t think I need to know what you keep in it because based off of what you keep on top of your nightstand.

KOURTNEY: I’m not going to tell you anyways. It’s a secret. They’re called secret drawers for a reason.

KHLOÉ: Smart.

KOURTNEY: I will tell you one thing that’s in my secret drawer…

KHLOÉ: I’m really happy I pressed the issue.

KOURTNEY: I have Reign’s hair, because we didn’t cut his hair until he was five. So I have his long braid and I smell it often.

KHLOÉ: Oh my god. Okay. That’s nice.

KOURTNEY: I’ll show you when you come over later.

KHLOÉ: Oh no, I’m fine with that. It’s like, oh my gosh. Rapunzel? I feel like you would love to ask me this question because you guys always make fun of me for my quantity of pillows. But how many pillows do you sleep with?

KOURTNEY: I use one to actually sleep, but I like two on my side.

KHLOÉ: Okay, fair enough. Would you ever make Lemme gummies with THC?

KOURTNEY: I think because Barker Wellness has gummies with THC. But I don’t know. Not at this point. It’s not in the roadmap.

KHLOÉ: But never say never. You never know where the wind’s going to blow. Kourt, do you ever eat in bed?


KHLOÉ: Oh, riveting answer.

KOURTNEY: Riveting. I like to snack in bed. Sometimes we like to have breakfast in bed. Like apples and peanut butter in bed.

KHLOÉ: Ooh, get dirty with me. How do you keep the kids out of your bedroom, Kourtney?

KOURTNEY: I don’t.

KHLOÉ: I was going to say, you definitely don’t.

KOURTNEY: We have an open-door policy in this house.

KHLOÉ: Good for you. Oh my god. You would probably remember this because I don’t have as good a memory as you. When was the last time we shared a bed? And did you like it?

KOURTNEY: When is the last time we shared a bed?

KHLOÉ: I think I know, actually…

KOURTNEY: Was it in Santa Barbara with Kendall?

KHLOÉ: Maybe. I was going to say, do you remember that time we thought we heard a noise at your house. So you came to my house?


KHLOÉ: And you slept over.

KOURTNEY: I panicked and I ran out of my house and I drove over. I was like, “I’m never going back.”

KHLOÉ Clearly you did. But we also realized there nothing was there.

KOURTNEY: It was the ice machine.

KHLOÉ: It was the ice machine. Oh my god. What’s in the future for Kourtney and Lemme?

KOURTNEY: Are we saying?

KHLOÉ: That’s the point of this interview. That’s why we’re talking about bedtime and pillows and snoring.

KOURTNEY: Oh, you guys. I’m just confirming! “Lemme Sleep” is a gummy that sets you on a wondrous sleep. A dreamy and wondrous night’s sleep.

KHLOÉ: Do you still eat Kit Kats? And do you remember how you eat them?

KOURTNEY: Of course. I’ve been doing it since I was like, eight. Once I learned how to eat a Kit Kat that way, I’ve never turned back and I never will.  I don’t eat Kit Kats very often.

KHLOÉ: That’s so sad.

KOURTNEY: But when I do, I get really excited about the experience.

KHLOÉ: That’s actually really sad news to hear.

KOURTNEY: It probably happens once every 18 months.

KHLOÉ: Once every what?

KOURTNEY: 18 months.

KHLOÉ: Oh my. 18 months?

KOURTNEY: Yes, Khloe.

KHLOÉ: What a specific number. But how sad.

KOURTNEY: That was fantastic.

KHLOÉ: I’m just here to fulfill your fantasy.

KOURTNEY: Should I interview you?

KHLOÉ: Obviously, darling.

KOURTNEY: What is the weirdest place that you’ve ever fallen asleep?

KHLOÉ: That is a really good question. I think that’s why I was the perfect person to do your sleep gummy because I don’t sleep very well. I don’t really have a weird place where I’ve fallen asleep. That’s a good question for Kim because she’s like a narcoleptic. I don’t fall asleep easily.

KOURTNEY: Good answer. What’s your favorite place to nap?

KHLOÉ: We don’t get to nap very much, but I love a nap. I think I discovered during Covid that I love a nap. I think I just like to lay horizontally. I don’t even need to sleep. I just like to chill a little bit. I’m a bed girl. Just like to lie and watch TV.

KOURTNEY: I love a nap in my bed. 20 minutes is the key.

KHLOÉ: I know, I just can’t fall asleep that easily. Just laying in bed, sometimes that is just the recharge I need.

KOURTNEY: What do you watch before bed?

KHLOÉ: So, I like things that are more nostalgic or things that I already know. So it’s sort of mindless or else I feel like I get too invested in the TV show. I like Friends or Seinfeld or Sex in the City. I love watching kids baking shows. So I watch a lot of Kids Baking Championship or Top Chef Junior because it’s just easy and happy.

KOURTNEY: That’s cute. I’m the opposite. I love a good show, but then I can’t really get that into it because I’m passed out. I already know this answer, but what do you wear to bed?

KHLOÉ: Silk nightgowns. All day, every day.

KOURTNEY: What do you do when you can’t sleep? Besides a “Lemme Sleep.”

KHLOÉ: I was going to say, I pop Lemme gummies. Life-changing. It depends. Sometimes you’re wide awake and that is it. So there’s no hope of going back. And sometimes I’ll watch a show. Sometimes I’ll edit an episode or I’ll just start my day. Now that True’s in school, I’m like, “Whatever, I’ll just get up and pack her lunch and do that whole thing earlier than expected.”

KOURTNEY: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

KHLOÉ: I say a prayer.

KOURTNEY: I love that.

KHLOÉ: Thank you.

KOURTNEY: What does your room smell like?

KHLOÉ: Champagne dreams and caviar wishes. You know me, I’m the candle girl, so it always has a beautiful aroma. I don’t know what it is, but it smells like heaven.

KOURTNEY: Do you have one candle that you always burn in your house or do you always switch it up?

KHLOÉ: I sort of switch it up, but I always have flowers in the house, so it’s just good vibes in there. I always have flowers and candles. I have the fireplace going. I like a good ambiance, always. That’s what I do.

KOURTNEY: What was the last dream you had?

KHLOÉ: Sadly, I do not know. I cannot tell you. I’m racking my brain and I cannot think of  the last time I had a dream.

KOURTNEY: Well, I’m going to change your life.

KHLOÉ: Oh, stop. I know what you’re… this doctor, or something?

KOURTNEY: Neurofeedback.

KHLOÉ: Neurofeedback.

KOURTNEY: I have dreams every night now.

KHLOÉ: Oh, goodness.

KOURTNEY: Do you ever work from bed?

KHLOÉ: Oh my gosh. I love. If I didn’t have to leave my bed, I would just literally be a ruler and that’d be my throne. I would just lay in bed and boss everyone around. That would be my dream. Laying in bed is my favorite thing to do, whether it be working or watching TV, or laying with the kids, whatever it is, it’s just my happy place.

KOURTNEY: What is your favorite bedding?

KHLOÉ: I do love Sheex. 


KHLOÉ: You always compliment them. Or Legna, either one.

KOURTNEY: I love Legna. I love this one Sijo, too that I’ve discovered ois made from Lyocell fibers and eucalyptus sheets.

KHLOÉ: I don’t think I know it.

KOURTNEY: It was in your Poosh mailer, darling. Okay, what is your favorite midnight snack?

KHLOÉ: I try to not snack, but I am a cereal girl. I love cereal. If it’s late at night, a handful of grapes or something like that. But normally it’s cereal.

KOURTNEY: How daring.

KHLOÉ: Stop. What do you eat in the middle of the night? You haven’t even had a Kit Kat in 18 months, so.

KOURTNEY: That’s true. I feel like I eat something like a dried spicy mango.

KHLOÉ: I do like fruit loops or I love a sugary cereal in the middle of the night.

KOURTNEY: What was the best slumber party you ever went to?

KHLOÉ: I hate slumber parties. I hate sleeping with people. I like my own space. As a kid, I hated slumber parties. It’s not my thing. I’ll go, I’ll participate, and then when it’s bedtime, I’m out of there. So the best slumber party is the one at my house.

KOURTNEY: Is that why you won’t let True sleep over?

KHLOÉ: Well, no, just True is too young to sleep over. And she doesn’t want to. She likes her space and I don’t want her to get corrupted. Kids are older, and I’m like, “No, we’re good.”

KOURTNEY: If you could create gummies for all the haters in the world, what would you name it?

KHLOÉ: I would name it Happy Haters, where they turn happy. You take a gummy, you chew on it, and you then start talking happy thoughts and stop being a fucking loser-hater. And you put your energy elsewhere and you’re happy.

KOURTNEY: Perfect. We need to put that into Lemme terms.

KHLOÉ: Oh, okay.

KOURTNEY: Lemme love the haters.

KHLOÉ: Lemme love the haters.