Jesse Hudnutt

Age: 23. hometown: Originally, I’m from Cleveland—the suburbs of Cleveland. It’s a good place to come from in that it’s a good place to leave. Currently resides: The East Village, New York. I’ve been there for about a year, but I’ve lived all over the place. Initially, I stayed for a month in a housing project in South Williamsburg,Brooklyn—you find the craziest things on Craigs-list. Occupation: Design assistant at Opening Ceremony. Career goal: Right now my ambition is to be a menswear designer, but I kind of go back and forth. I’m also interested in essays and literary nonfiction. Shamelessly addicted to: I find high art and high culture really interesting, but I think it’s almost more fascinating to delve into the depths of low culture, kind of middlebrow stuff. My favorite novel is Ulysses, but I’ll pick up Star magazine. I’m kind of no-shame when it comes to that stuff—I read everything. Worst nightmare: Times Square at rush hour. Favorite fictional character: StephenDedalus from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Favorite real-life character: I really appreciate Joaquin Phoenix’s latest turn. I like to think that it’s performance art and not some kind of mental collapse. Theme song: “There Must Be An Angel,” by Eurythmics.

Above: Jesse Hudnutt in New York, March 2009. Blazer: Marc Jacobs. T-shirt: Calvin Klein Collection. Jeans: William Rast. Socks: Pantherella. Hair products: Aveda, including Control Paste. Fragrance: CK One by Calvin Klein. Styling: Vanessa Chow/Creative Exchange Agency. Hair: Laura De Leon/Joe. Makeup: Manami Ishikawa/Michele Filomeno. Special thanks: Fast Ashleys.