Jersey Shore Canâ??t Be Tamed: Russian, Southern, Korean Ripoffs in the Works




James Hibberd reports today that the Lifetime network, purveyors of such fare as Baby for Sale and Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, has ordered twelve episodes of a new show called Brighton Beach. If you guessed that perhaps Brighton Beach is a new show in the Jersey Shore mold, except with caricatures of Russians instead of caricatures of Italians, you’re right!

According to Hibberd, producer Elina Miller has said this about the show: “We are big fans of ‘Jersey Shore,’ but the Russian community has its own set of characters which we think could be even more interesting. There will be plenty of vodka, techno music and guys wearing Adidas pants, leather jackets and gold chains, and driving souped-up cars. There will also be a lot of hot, decked-out Russian girls.” It’s safe to say this isn’t your grandfather’s Brighton Beach story.

Unlike Jersey Shore, which follows eight young people who have thankfully not started reproducing yet, Brighton Beach will focus on several families who live on Coney Island. Jersey Shore-inspired shows featuring Southern and Korean people are also in the works; rumors about a dating show starring Snooki and a show about Pauly D’s life as a DJ have also circulated.