denitia and sene

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Denitia Odigie and Brian “Sene” Marc (pronounced “Seen”) met over three years ago at a musicians’ collective in Brooklyn known as the Clubhouse. Denitia is from Houston, Texas, and went to college in Tennessee; Sene is originally in Brooklyn, but spent almost six years on the West Coast. The two immediately connected and started making music together as denitia and sene, with Sene writing and producing the tracks and Denitia providing the main vocals. Since their first EP, they’ve been featured on mixtapes from Maison Kitsuné, played notable New York festivals like Afropunk, and had one of their tracks remixed by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes. Next month, the duo will open for Chet Faker at Red Bull Sound Select’s new 30 Days in L.A. concert series.

But singing, producing, and writing aren’t their only talents: Sene also acts (he just finished filming a new movie with Morgan Saylor today) and is a not-too-shabby roller hockey player. Denitia, as she tells us in the video below, is a pretty good whistler…

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