Inside the Interview September Issue Wrap Party


Chloe Wise, Dara Allen, Mel Ottenberg, and Jeremy O. Harris.

Last night, on a steamy late-summer evening, Interview gathered its darlings—rising stars and legends alike—for a fête at Nordstrom’s flagship store in Manhattan. The wrap celebration marked the closing of Interview’s star-studded September issue, guest-edited by the Tony-nominated playwright Jeremy O. Harris, and featuring the one and only Doja Cat on the cover. The night kicked off with a conversation between Harris and Interview’s Mel Ottenberg, replete with anecdotes about the issue—aptly titled “The Horny for New York Issue”—which hits newsstands on August 31st. The issue’s title was born of one particularly hot and heavy experience that Harris had, he revealed, upon his return to the city that never sleeps. 

The evening brought the pages of Interview to life: downtown luminaries like the actor Julia Fox and the photographer Tyler Mitchell mingled over signature cocktails with cheeky names like the “Dimes Square Hottie,” while the designer Romeo Hunte and the actor Michael Gandolfini chatted near an array of eye-catching bites crafted by Chef Chris Eby at Wolf Restaurant. Also spotted at the function were Antwaun Sargent, model Charlie Knepper, stylist Dara Allen, and artist Chloe Wise, along with a gaggle of models, creative minds, and longtime contributors to the magazine who made the night one to remember. To keep the FOMO at bay, we captured the spirit of the evening in Polaroids, below, for your viewing pleasure. Cheers to September, girlies.



Michael Quinn.


Mel Ottenberg and Eric Johnson.


Doja Cat Cover, September Issue.


Richie Shazam.

TT Britt and Chloe Wise.


Paloma Sandoval and Grace Duah.


Jeremy O. Harris and Geordette Cervantes.

Mel Ottenberg and Becky Akinyode.

Gia Johnson.


Olivia Jo.



Donald Charles.


Sage Dolan-Samdrino.


Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu.


Sam Penn, Cruz Valdez, Ernesto, and Dara Allen.