Discovery: Julia Burlingham


AGE: 23 BORN: New York MEDIUM: I’m a photographer  SMELLY GROWING UP: I grew up in Tribeca, in an old cheese factory. There was a fat man that lived next door who dressed as a wizard and sat on the sidewalk collecting change. There is a picture of him on the first roll of film I ever shot. SUPPORTIVE PARENTS: Luckily! My dad built a darkroom in our apartment. And my mom always took commissions from me. If I asked her to draw a three-headed horse riding a purple mermaid, she would do a marvelous job. I had all the tools I needed to be a child prodigy. ONLINE PRESENCE? Coming Soon! Right now it’s a picture of a glove. FIRST WORK: When I was really little I made Photograms. Once I made Mick Jagger out of Sculpey, but I only realized it was Mick Jagger after it came out of the oven. It was the first likeness I ever made. A GOOD WORK OF ART IS… confusing. It’s something that creates a feeling you’ve never encountered.