Pat McGrath Shows Us How to Blush

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On Emmi: Skin Fetish Divine Blush in Electric Bloom, Divine Blush Legendary Glow Colour Balm in Fleurotique, FetishEyes Mascara, and MatteTrance Lipstick in Vendetta Pat McGrath Labs. Dress Chanel. Earrings Chanel Fine Jewelry.

For our new March issue, makeup maven Pat McGrath schooled us on all things blush.

Why blush?

Blush breathes life into the face, a dash of color that transforms the everyday into the extraordinary. Not only does blush enhance your complexion and your bone structure, but it also creates the effect of emotion coming from within the skin.

How much blush is too much?

There is no such thing as too much blush. Perhaps a subtle hint of color on the cheeks is your aesthetic, or maybe your makeup fantasy is all the vibrancy and drama of an ’80s Grace Jones–inspired look. Either way, it’s all about blushing without caution.

pat mcgrath blush

On Mayowa: Skin Fetish Divine Blush in Electric Bloom, Divine Blush Legendary Glow Colour Balm, PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in Blk Coffee, Mothership I Subliminal Eye Palette in Depth, FetishEyes Mascara, Skin Fetish Highlighter and Balm Duo in Bronze, MatteTrance Lipstick in Forbidden Love, and Lust Gloss in Blood 2 Pat McGrath Labs.


Jacket Acne Studios.

What was the inspo for these looks?

Richard Bernstein’s iconic covers for Interview magazine: ’70s and ’80s glam, reimagined with a modern twist—bold yet wearable.

Do you have any tips for application?

It depends on the formula. For powder blushes, take a round, soft brush and move it across the blush in a circular motion so that the bristles are evenly coated in powder. Using a sweeping motion, brush the color onto the apples of the cheeks and up towards the ears so that the color fades out softly. The blush along the sides of the temples will give the face a lifted effect. Then, take what’s left on the bristles and brush it across the top of the forehead, center of the nose, and chin. For cream blushes, using your fingers, apply sheer layers of the blush to build up the color gradually and give cheeks a flushed sheen. Start on the apples of the cheeks and blend up towards the temples, using a tapping motion with your fingers to diffuse the edges.

On Mika: Skin Fetish Divine Blush in Cherish, Divine Blush Legendary Glow Colour Balm in Divine Rose, Skin Fetish Highlighter and Balm Duo in Nude, Mothership I Subliminal Eye Palette in Ultimate Taupe and Depth, FetishEyes Mascara, and Lip Fetish Sheer Colour Balm in Clear Pat McGrath Labs. Top Emporio Armani. Earrings and Necklace Cartier.


pat mcgrath blush

Shirt Polo Ralph Lauren.

What does blush say about humanity?

To blush is to be human— evidence of our own joy, passion, and self-awareness.

What makes you blush?

The thrill of creating something truly beautiful and seeing it come to life.

When do you feel the most cheeky?

Laughing, gossiping, and having fun with my dearest friends.


Hair: Bob Recine at The Wall Group.

Makeup: Jenna Kuchera and Adam Fleischhauer at Pat McGrath Labs.

Nails: Mo Qin using Chanel at The Wall Group.

Models: Emmi Freeman at Women Management, Mika Schneider at The Society Management, and Mayowa Nicholas at The Society Management.

Casting: Anita Bitton at Establishment New York.

Digital Technician: Ryan Jones.

Photography Assistants: Pierre Crosby and Jacob Skoglund.

Fashion Assistants: Chloe Shaar and Isabelle Lange.

Production Assistant: Azra Schorr.

Location: Root Studios.