Antoni Bumba Tells Us Why an Eight-Year-Old Blocked Her on Instagram

Antoni Bumba

Photo courtesy of Antoni Bumba (@awbumba)

Antoni Bumba, best known by the handle @awbumba or the moniker “girl with a beard,” became an internet icon after the eruption of the BBL effect. The mother of the little wave and flip of the hair is also the loveable big sister who can be seen online offering fashion inspiration, life advice or crying and kickboxing with a full set of acrylics. We need her, we love her, and we all want to be her best friend. So for this week’s installment of SEARCH HISTORY, we slid into Bumba’s DMs to talk about astrological red flags, online stalking, and the eight-year-old who blocked her on Instagram.



ANTONI BUMBA: Purrrr. American/Sign/Language.

MARTIN: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? 

BUMBA: Pray. 

MARTIN: What’s in your bag? 

BUMBA: Fenty gloss bomb. A lighter. A book called Janis Joplin. Her Life and Times by Deborah Landau. $1,500 in cash folder. My house keys. Like 3 iPhone chargers, and my JPG sunglasses. 

MARTIN: What’s in your system currently?

BUMBA: A matcha lemonade.

MARTIN: What were your last three Google searches? 

BUMBA: Barbie movie showtimes. Massages near me. Murse shelves for closet. Also, Beyoncé bangs. 

MARTIN: Love. What’s your stalking platform of choice? 

BUMBA: Instagram bc everyone’s on it.

MARTIN: Strangest DM you’ve received? 

BUMBA: Omg, an eight-year-old girl called me like 12 times, demanding to speak to me, from a fan account. I was in the middle of a lymphatic massage… I told her I needed an adult to be present or something. So random. She blocked me!!

MARTIN: What is the fashion look of the summer? 

BUMBA: I’m loving the long shorts with boots combo, and like a cute little blouse. Also, silver over gold.

MARTIN: Favorite astrology sign? 

BUMBA: Uugghhh. Scorpios. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

MARTIN: Astrological red flag? 

BUMBA: One word, two syllables: Pisces.

MARTIN: What creator do you want to spend a day with?

BUMBA: Diane von Furstenberg. Like soooo bad. 

MARTIN: Mirrors or front camera? 

BUMBA: Mirrors. 

MARTIN: Print or digital? 

BUMBA: Tough one. Digital. I don’t have the attention span for print. Who am I kidding? 

MARTIN: Crystals or tarot cards? 

BUMBA: Tarot cards. 

MARTIN: What is the current nail set? 


Antoni Bumba

MARTIN: Stunning. What are you clawing through? 

BUMBA: Honestly, my scalp. Making sure she’s clean and moisturized.

MARTIN: Go to beauty product? 

BUMBA: Omg. Nars laguna bronzer. Game. Changer.

MARTIN: Go to self-care/spiritual product? 

BUMBA: Honestly, a good amulet. I wear a double vajra most of the time. At least right now.

MARTIN: What does your explore page look like? 

BUMBA: Nails. Mediterranean food. Bikinis or anything Mirror Palais-esque. And kickboxing videos. 

MARTIN: How is the kickboxing going? 

BUMBA: Girl, hard as fuck. But I’m getting stronger. No pressure, no diamond. I want that diamond.

MARTIN: I love it. You’re iconic. 

BUMBA: Thank you.  

MARTIN: Fit check? 

BUMBA: I’m literally naked in bed so that’s all ur getting.

MARTIN: Stunning. Adorable. Goddess. What’s your password? 

BUMBA: I don’t use it anymore so I’ll tell u 😭😭 Venusinscorpio1111!