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Angel Money Is Tweeting From the Presidential Suite

angel money

“Professor of currency affairs, heiress, nation destabilizer, and reverse philanthropist,” reads her Twitter bio: meet Angel Money. While she moonlights as an unhinged cross-platform internet personality, the musician and DJ is primarily a fixture in NYC nightlife, spinning hits and throwing her own Platinum Presents parties across Brooklyn. In September, she launched her new podcast, Money Talks with Angel Money, where she’s joined by the most iconic dolls to spiral about scamming rich men, strap-averse lesbians, and silicone injections. “There are some scandalous conversations I am so excited to have,” she says of the show, and on the eve of an international tour with music collective Club Cringe to support her forthcoming mixtape, Spiritual Gangster, the platinum blonde princess joined us for this week’s installment of SEARCH HISTORY. Read on to discover her gray market TikTok hustle, Spokeo stalking habits, dark web shopping cart, and most incendiary tweet.—MEKALA RAJAGOPAL



ANGEL MONEY: 28/Scorpio/My Chelsea apartment.

RIBEIRO: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? 

MONEY: Reach for my phone!!! I try not to but it feels impossible. If I’m being really good I meditate for at least half an hour… Om Kurukulle Hrih Svaha mantra plus visualization. But if I’m being real most mornings I’m checking all my apps the second my eyes open.

RIBEIRO: What were your last three google searches?

MONEY: “Amanda Lepore snorting diamonds,” “David LaChapelle,” “yellow chartreuse liqour dupe,” “30 inch #613 13×6 wig”

RIBEIRO: There is definitely a story being told here. Do you have a favorite meme format? 

MONEY: I’m a sucker for the Obama deepfakes on like, Doja Cat or Megan Thee Stallion. Also, anything crispy deep fried. I love crispy, crispy memes. The crispier the better. You don’t really see them anymore but I loved the hustle motivation, Facebook culture, deeply fried, borderline artifact-looking memes. Like the baddest Eastern European bitch ever with her man in Philipp Plein in a G-wagon and the picture is beyond fried to infinity. 

RIBEIRO: What’s your favorite celebrity feud rabbit hole? 

MONEY: Has to be Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston. I’m sorry but the voicemail Kim left her—haunting. The fact they were fighting over Ray J—haunting.

RIBEIRO: Do you have a stalking platform of choice? 

MONEY: Instagram for casual and lifestyle stalking (fake hair page always), but if it’s serious I’m taking my ass straight to Spokeo and other public record database searchers. Nothing beats the rush of finding out a bitch you hate has a secret failed marriage or tax lien or finding her grandma’s name and address. Spokeo has all the tea…

RIBEIRO: We won’t name names, but can you tell me something you found out about an opp?

MONEY: I used to be a hustler. A man owed me some serious money so I found his work email on a public database and sent him an email like, “Hi such and such! Just reaching out to make sure this past due payment is handled, I’m happy to escalate to other members of your department and fill them in on the situation!” I had a Venmo from him within ten minutes.

RIBEIRO: It’s giving HR. Three words that describe your private browsing persona? 

MONEY: BRAZILIAN GAY VIEWER. They fuck different over there. 

RIBEIRO: The girls who get it get it 🇧🇷 How many unread DMs do you have? 

MONEY: Zero! I don’t care who it’s from, I open them as soon as they come in. I’m addicted to messages. Mind you, my email is like 200,000 or something crazy.

RIBEIRO: A lot of people know you from your iconic post history across multiple social platforms. Which era of posting stands out as particularly notorious?

MONEY: 2018-2019. Three different sugar daddies, catching flights around the country, keratin pressed platinum blonde hair with Bellami 26 inch double-drawn weft extensions, 105 pounds, eight grams of needle shard K in my Prada bag, on the I.AM.GIA PR list. Calling people poor on Twitter, flying back into NYC to go to raves or model, living between four different apartments and three hotels, starting beef with people on twitter from first class flights and presidential suites. It was everything.

RIBEIRO: Is there a specific tweet that really had people mad? 

MONEY: YESSSSSS. I wiped my Twitter in 2020 but remember this tweet word for word. I tweeted from the presidential suite of The Plaza that when I leave Earth behind for the moon base in 2035 rocking a polar bear fur every bitch hating was gonna be so sorry. And then I said, “How are you gonna be hating from inside your Amazon Cage? YOU CAN’T EVEN GET OUT!”

RIBEIRO: LOL. What does your TikTok FYP look like? 

angel money

MONEY: I deleted TikTok because of low storage but when I go on there I either get extreme tweakers making the most unhinged videos, videos of little people for some reason (I respect them), or real estate agents. I really only go on TikTok to make videos hocking modafinil to people for affiliate money. I’ve made thousands.

RIBEIRO: How did you start selling modafinil on TikTok?

MONEY: Okay, so there are gray market pharmacies that sell people modafinil, and because it’s gray market, you can get insane affiliate cuts. I get like 30% every time somebody buys a box and it’s not cheap. It’s what they give fighter pilots to stay awake but it gets used as a gentler CNS stimulant than adderall. I was using my alternate personality to sell it on Twitter and was like wait, I bet those tweaky kids on TikTok would buy this shit. I was right!

RIBEIRO: Sometimes all you need is a girlboss pill. Which celebrity’s finsta would you like to follow?

MONEY: I want to follow the Clermont twins, I’ve seen amazing screenshots of them beefing with each other. I think they’re the baddest out right now and I know their finsta is just incredible. Maybe somebody messy like Bebe Rexha. Jeffree Star’s would be EVERYTHING to me as well.

RIBEIRO: 2016-2020 Jeffree Star internet feuds were very “you had to be there.” Do you have a favorite Jeffree Star moment? 

MONEY: Where can I even begin? I’m not gonna go old MySpace Jeffree because it’s too dark for this platform, but new Jeffree? Probably him and Tati on the jet to Vegas rocking matching 60k earrings, and then they fell out and he was still wearing them. You can tell he misses her vibe.

RIBEIRO: Choose one: Money or Clout?

MONEY: Moneyyyyy clearly! Anyone who picks clout is an idiot, everybody knows you can buy that. A good publicist goes a long way in this town! And clout can’t buy luxurious furs and ass-length hair and plastic surgeries and a beautiful home.

RIBEIRO: What’s a website everyone should know about?

MONEY: I think Dread is important even though it’s on the dark web, just to check out what’s going on in Tor world. You gotta keep track of what markets exit scammed and which ones are still giving. Also to see whose number is calling your shit and if it’s a real phone or a Google Voice number and where it’s located. It’s everything to me.

RIBEIRO: Speaking of, what’s the most chic thing to buy on the dark web?

MONEY: Fake gold and platinum bars, like the real sexy PAMP Suisse ones.

RIBEIRO: Love the idea of loading a VPN to buy that.

MONEY: No VPN, we use Tails OS on a cafe’s wifi. Hello!

RIBEIRO: Where do you spend the most time online?

MONEY: Catch me on Twitter being absolutely unhinged every single second of every day. Google Shopping window browsing for anything and everything: archival McQueen garments, Arabian fragrances, random peptides. Alibaba messaging random vendors to see what’s really the tea with their manufacturing capabilities. I’m just very curious.

RIBEIRO: The deeper into Alibaba you go, the more interesting it gets. I found a TikTok of this girl who works at a vape factory in Shenzhen and she posts about her workday and upcoming divorce. It’s very fab.

MONEY: Oh my god, I love her. She posts about how warm it is in Shenzhen city and the people cleaning the ground everyday. She makes me wanna move there!

RIBEIRO: Can you describe your most incriminating accidental text/email? 

MONEY: Yes. It was when I accidentally sent a Frenemies selfie DIRECTLY TO HER. It was humiliating. I had to be like, sis you ate this pic the fuck up! But she knew what time it was. Girl, if you see this I’m sorry 😭but who among us has never hated!

RIBEIRO: My mind wanders to the words of Jesus… “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If you could spend a day with one IG influencer, who would it be?

MONEY: Immediately Tana, and I want to interview her for my podcast Money Talks. I am such a massive fan and watcher of Tana Mongeau. I think the way she has been so prominent in the culture for years and did it all by being her messy crazy raw partying self is really cool. Having a role model for an iconic and highly paid bad bitch who says whatever she wants is cool for girls to see. Plus a fake wedding? Tens of millions on Onlyfans with no sextapes? Just an iconic diva nobody is touching, in my book.

RIBEIRO: We love Tana. What’s the strangest DM you’ve received?

MONEY: When Methed Up Samurai slid back in my DMs after years and had changed his name to Psychedelic Samurai. I was like wait, you don’t tweak anymore? It honestly kinda made me sad. 

RIBEIRO: An icon of another era. I remember stalking his Tumblr in high school all the time. If I remember correctly he was a frequent face on r/meth as well. I didn’t know he was in his sober era. 

MONEY: He was a legend. We used to sext. He would send me videos of him climbing up on top of crazy high broadcast towers just tweaked out of his mind.

RIBEIRO: Men don’t do that anymore. Read receipts: on or off? 

MONEY: Strategic toggle. Sometimes I just need a second to respond, sometimes a bitch needs to know I saw that shit and kept it pushing.

RIBEIRO: If you go in your camera roll and search “This tweet has been deleted,” what comes up?


RIBEIRO: What did you say to Brandon?

MONEY: Girl I don’t even know 😭 Like I said, I carry on that app. Poor gay. 

RIBEIRO: What’s a DJ red flag?

MONEY: Too much nightcore hyperpop ass vibes. Also when people play shit ripped directly out of the Mugler runway soundtrack. They have amazing soundtracks but I don’t need to hear the same track every DJ plucked from the track list in the club for the millionth time. Be yourself!

RIBEIRO: And finally, what’s your password? 

MONEY: It’s far too embarrassing to utter! It’s the URL of my first soft grunge blog nobody knows I had that had like 80k followers. I’ve just stuck with that as a password!