Don’t Worry, A Palm Reader Told Fabio He’s Going to Live Very Long

Backdrop by Fabio’s laptop bag.

A local psychic studies the soul of the vitamin entrepreneur, romance novel heartthrob, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! icon.



“Everything here is in the wideness of his hand. He needs space. He needs time for himself. Hes been very private lately so he can focus on himself. It has always been about other people in his life. It was never about him.” 



“Usually a line of fate goes right through the hand, but this time its broken off. That means theres difficulty for him to have complete faith in himself. He comes from a strong family, but hes been a very independent man his whole life. He always wanted the limelight, but he needs attention from somebody that he loves—his soulmate.” 



“His fingers are straight, which means he’s not a deceiver. If he could open up new doors for others, he would, but right now those doors need to open up for him.” 



“His heart line shows that hes had three different loves in his life. Strong love. One didn’t work the way he wanted.” 



“He’s going to live very long. There are many lines, which means many crossroads.” 



You see how dark that is? That means therebeen darkness in his life. There’s no fairy tale here. Maybe there was when he was young, but becoming an older man necessitates a different way of thinking and new commitments. He doesnlike big obligations.”  



“He has many bracelet lines, which mean he’s going to live very long.” 



“This is a spot thats been there for a long time. It suggests something that shocked him about 15 years ago. There is a lot going on here. You’ve got to tell him to come and see me.”