Galliano’s Knight Out

Battles rage in a bisected Gaza; rumors (and vultures circulate around Men’s Vogue. Bill Blass filed for bankrupty amidst humbling cirsumstances. But in the world of Interview, this first full weekend of 2009 was about optimism.


Dior’s John Galliano was made a chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, which makes for a slough of potential outfits for his runway bow. New York Magazine, no friend to Tom Cruise, declared a (tentative) truce, naming his Valkyrie a success: Its $60 million at the box office thus far promises to recoup production costs. The box office was so strong it re-united Brad and Jen as peers and rivals, if only fleetingly. Even straight-faced Kraut-rockers Kraftwerk feltthe incipient heat, going tropical for a South American tour with Radiohead.