Nadja Sayej

Mira Sorvino Wonders What Would Happen If Ryan Murphy Had His Way

April 30, 2020

The actress, activist, and impromptu short-order cook on the beautiful fantasia of Netflix’s “Hollywood” (and a “Romy and Michele” reunion).

Berlin Designer Esther Perbandt Turns On the Dark

March 26, 2020

The “Making the Cut” contestant shares her inspirations, from ’90s-era Berlin to the Russian avant-garde.

The Artist Giving E.T. Pepsi and Xanax

February 6, 2020

In her solo show “Done with Xanax,” Katherine Bernhardt phones home.

Noah Baumbach Was the Kid Who Fell Asleep on the Couch at Dinner Parties

November 25, 2019

The director of “Marriage Story,” who has built a career on the neurotic love lives of the intelligentsia, talks divorce parties, Robert Altman, and L.A. traffic.

Harmony Korine Plays Dracula

November 7, 2019

The cult director with a dark streak brings the oddball horror of H.R. Giger and Mark Prent to Gagosian.

Sexologist Annie Sprinkle Isn’t Covering Anything Up

September 30, 2019

Insights from the woman who advised Maggie Gyllenhaal to follow her clit.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Wine-Maker Extraordinaire, Can’t Make a Cosmo

September 24, 2019

Upon the release of her new wine label, the sauvignon blanc savant spoke on the most drunk she’s ever been and whether she really drinks cosmos.

Margaret Trudeau Has the Last Laugh in Certain Woman of an Age

September 12, 2019

In her new one-woman show, the former first lady of Canada recalls her history with mental illness, her friendship with Andy Warhol, and why she ran away with the Rolling Stones.