Jeffrey Slonim

Red Carpet Oscar Virgin: A Kodak Moment

April 27, 2009

Worlds collided when New York Fashion Week bumped up against the Academy Awards this year.

Society Angels in America

March 25, 2009

During the maudlin final days of the Bush administration, I glumly wondered if New York would even survive until O-Day, January 20, 2009. Twin Towers gone, Wall Street tanked, Hamas bombing Israel and vice versa. Allah is apparently just not that into us. And then a lone angel alit: Sully, the pilot who landed the bird-struck US Airways jet on the Hudson. And miraculously the mood changed. Hope broke out.

Arrogant Elegance: From A to E and back again

December 1, 2008

Jeffrey Slonim’s Society Page.

The Beautiful People

December 1, 2008

Jeffrey Slonim’s Society Page.

The New L Word: Libertine

November 30, 2008

When Brigid Berlin, Andy Warhol’s BFF, a decided Libertine (“L”) in her day, came into her inheritance, she didn’t race out and get coiffed. But she did wear a beehive of a ring from her mom, Honey Berlin, a tall swirl of diamonds.

Hurricanes and Turkey

November 21, 2008

“There was a Valentino party at 54. I guess Stevie was trying to make it a really bad party, because he had the waiters dressed up like Pilgrims and he was serving turkey. . . . I lost Halston but I found him a little later eating a turkey leg, and he made me have some. The last place you want to eat meat from is a discotheque, but later I saw Stevie eating the turkey, too, so I guess it was okay.” The Andy Warhol Diaries, Sunday, November 19, 1978