Chelsea Burcz

Jamaican Queens’ Food for Thought

April 26, 2013

His mood starts off sluggish and sleepy, but Andy Spencer’s cadence picks up when the conversation turns to Detroit, his and the band’s current home base. Not even a year old, Jamaican Queens can thank the city’s low rent and odd jobs for their quickly building buzz.

Cutting Mac DeMarco Some Slack

February 27, 2013

Listening to Mac DeMarco’s second album, coyly titled 2, it’s clear that the joke’s on us.

More Than a Blip: A New Film About Artschwager

January 22, 2013

A classical pianist, a WWII intelligence officer, a baby photographer, a furniture designer, 89-year-old Richard Artschwager only decided to focus on art after a fire in 1958 destroyed his former work and studio. By 1963, he was asked to join the Leo Castelli Gallery.

Exclusive EP Premiere: Vensaire

September 26, 2012

Vensaire is assembled from jagged, oblong, and often eccentrically shaped pieces: influences range from the sweeping sounds of traditional Chinese music, to the soothing voice of Billie Holiday, to the spastic and stuttered beats of Chicago footwork, to the stories that accompany psychedelic folk music. With the premiere of their first official EP, the Brooklyn-based band wants to show you what they’ve got. We’re pleased to premiere the EP in its entirety.

Dev Hynes Visits Florence

May 17, 2012

In his latest venture, Hynes has teamed up with Florence and the Machine’s golden voice, Florence Welch, for a duet and complete recreation of her recently popular “Never Let Me Go.” To go along with our exclusive premiere of the track, Interview spoke with Hynes about his recent tour with Florence and the Machine, his relationship with the songstress, and his next piano and cello-based performance project.

Widowspeak Gets to the Point

May 3, 2012

If you invite the Brooklyn-based indie rock darlings Widowspeak over to your house for a late-night barbeque, they will insist on cooking only one thing: hot dogs split in half and filled with cream cheese, onions, and Sriracha sauce, all sloppily stuffed into a toasted bun. An urban delicacy in Seattle, they insist.