NADA Previews the Art of Tomorrow

New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) Miami Beach’s Hotbed proves that the Miami art scene keeps going all year long. Since 2010, as part of its annual fair of emerging galleries, NADA Miami Beach has showcased the works of senior BFA students from Miami’s New World School of the Arts in their annual Hotbed program, produced by NADA curator Grela Orihuela’s production company, Wet Heat Project. This year, for Hotbed Video Edition, the local emerging talents created video-based work to be displayed on loop in the public atrium of the Deauville Beach Resort and on the 484 televisions in Deauville’s guest rooms.

The four selected artists, Azizi DeSouza, Steven Marquez, Jeffrey Noble, and Sebastian Duncan-Poruondo, were challenged to create visually engaging work while employing unfamiliar approaches to their own process and product. The international panel of RFC co-founder Mera Rubell, director Mara Sartore, artist Dara Friedman, and art collector Jorge A. Garcia viewed each senior’s piece as part of the Mentor Workshop, providing feedback both technical and conceptual, allowing the students to present their finest—albeit budding—work.

The exhibition will be on view on lobby and bar monitors and on channel 8 in guest room televisions December 6-9 at the Deauville Beach Resort Hotel, 6701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.