Meet Six Canine Companions of the Contemporary Art World

Photograph Courtesy of Anne Collier.

Andy Warhol had a dachshund named Archie. Picasso had one as well, along with a whole assortment of other breeds. Norman Rockwell had two Labradors, Georgia O’Keeffe had at least six Chows, and who knows how many Weimaraners have been leashed to William Wegman? Throughout modern art, dogs have served as both muse and companion, eating, sleeping, and sharing studio space alongside their artist keepers — sometimes even posing for a work or two. Here are six canines whom we can now add to the canon.


Above: Olive (Hope Atherton and Gavin Brown’s Cairn terrier, 7-years-old.)


Jessica Landau (Elad Lassry’s standard poodle, 10-years-old.)

Painting “Jessica Landau” by Elad Lassry.


Ozu (Joan Jonas’s miniature poodle, 8-years-old.)

Painting by Joan Jonas, 2010.


Midnight (left) and Broomstick (Jordan Wolfson’s black Lab, about 10-years-old, and black Lab-German Shepherd mix, 8-months-old.)

Photograph Courtesy of Jordan Wolfson.


Dottie (Hope Atherton and Gavin Brown’s Cairn terrier, 7-years-old)

Photograph Courtesy of Hope Atherton.


Gilda (Rob Pruitt & Jonathan Horowitz’s dachshund, 9-months-old.)

Artwork by Clayton Schiff / Courtesy of Rob Pruitt Studio.