Kalup Linzy Isn’t Ready to Say Goodbye

All photos courtesy of Kalup Linzy.

With the debut of his solo exhibition Not Ready to Say Goodbye (Green Country Edition), now on view at the Price Tower Arts Center through September 3rd, Kalup Linzy is stepping back into the spotlight. With the support of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship, Linzy worked with curator Dan Cameron to bring together paintings, photographs, video art, and live performance in a multi-sensory feast including a locally-sourced, locally-inspired dinner inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s only skyscraper. Linzy is an entertainer at heart, and infuses his art with the spirit of performance. His work explores love, betrayal, desire, race, ambition, and loss with the spirit of the American soap opera, satirizing its conceits with a true love for the form. In 2010, Linzy appeared on General Hospital alongside James Franco, who he dressed up in drag and collaborated with on the 10 episode series Ozara and Katessa (2019). To celebrate the opening, the release of a steamy, dreamy music video for “Let’s Make It Hot,” and his 45th birthday, Linzy threw a party at the Queen Rose Art House, the “social, but critical” artist residency and social space he founded in 2021, which he documented for us on his Polaroid camera.


Daniel McHenry and Kalup Linzy (as Joshua Justin)

Drew Klinghagen and Kalup Linzy (as Kaye)

Kite and Mel Elberg

George Christ, Logan Rogers, Natty Gray, and Emma Knight

Chris Davis and Rebekah Campbell McIlwain