Pretty Wasted

Fabien Baron


Elegance undone. Wearing their big night out like a badge of honor, fashion's wildest—Anja, Edita, Daria, Andreea and Lily—are the last to leave the party.



Current Issue
September 2017

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11/14/14 7:10pm

I thought the shots were inspired. Wonderful juxtaposition of lithe sheer clad beauty and loss of control and visceral mess. Baron is a visionary
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Nyc fashion designer

10/28/14 10:25pm

Im a women, and a fashion designer working NYC. I design clothes to make women happy, confident , empowered and glamorous.
I often refer to your magazine for inspiration and research. I usually find your magazine fresh, interesting and pushing boundaries.However, this week was much different.

I was shocked to see the recent "pretty wasted" photoshoot spread. Depicting women as alcoholic, drunk,half naked, unconscious, helpless, weak, laying on a dirty floor... How low can you go? This is NOT what fashion stands for, and not what women aspire to be. Who's would think that this is pretty? Wasted is not pretty, and alcoholism is a serious addiction. The models in the shoot are not socially drinking... They are alone laying on the ground.

This photoshoot had crossed the line between creativity / mystery to being pure vulgar, disturbing and violent towards women.

You have this great magazine platform that you can put anything out there... and it is sad that you chose to have this on
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