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Coffee Table Curator: March 2017

Christopher Niquet, Models Matter, Damiani, 37.75 USD

The idea for Models Matter came to French stylist Christopher Niquet following an encounter with 1960s supermodel Peggy Moffitt. After impulsively asking for her autograph, he began to reach out to other models for theirs. Collecting 100 signatures, Niquet sought to feature the personalities of renowned women from the 1950s through the 1990s. Jerry Hall, Lauren Bacall, Heidi Klum, and Iman are just a few who grace the pages of Models Matter. Alongside the autographs are portraits of the women and a quote about them. The result is a uniquely moving compilation of female empowerment.



Sarai Mari, Speak Easy, Damiani, 43.14 USD

In Speak Easy, Sarai Mari examines gender roles in society through a photographic exposé. The subjects in her photos hide behind nothing, a metaphor for stripping away society's judgments and preconceptions, and revealing their true selves. Her subjects are naked in the physical sense, but also in terms of their vulnerability and the unadulterated way in which they express their emotions. Obsessed with uncovering who people are behind their façades, Mari uses her camera to capture that rawness, creating beautiful portraits that celebrate the spectrum of gender and sexuality in today's ever changing society.




Steve Wilde, Prince A to Z: The life of an icon from Alphabet Street to Jay Z, Rizzoli, 14.95 USD

During his lifetime, Prince pushed the boundaries of art and music. As a musician, philanthropist, and gender fluid symbol, Prince's life was monumentally impactful. In celebration of his unmatched artistic influence, writer and DJ Steve Wide created an illustrated A to Z-style book about Prince's life. Jam-packed with everything from greatest hits trivia to little known facts about the pop legend, the book seeks to honor Prince's memory as a dynamic cultural icon.




Rebecca C. Tuite, Seven Sisters Style, Rizzoli, 35 USD

In 1935, Harper's Bazaar said, "[The college girl's] contribution to fashion is as American as Coca-Cola, baseball and hitch-hiking." Using archival photographs, fashion historian Rebecca C. Tuite explores both the evolution of preppy clothing started by American college girls as well as the identities of the girls themselves in her book Seven Sisters Style.  The Seven Sisters, a group of prestigious, all-women colleges — the majority of which have since merged with their all-male brother schools or gone co-ed — were attended by fashion icons such as Katharine Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Meryl Streep, who perpetuated the American college girl chic. The book unearths the associations and symbolism reflected within the style and illustrates its lasting impact on modern culture.




Adrian Besley, Monty Python's Flying Circus: Hidden Treasures, Abrams, 40 USD

British comedy group Monty Python are world-renowned for their lasting contribution to the evolution of TV comedy. In Hidden Treasures, author Adrian Besley chronicles the story of all six of the members, from their beginnings to the present, in scrapbook-like fashion. A must-read for Python fans, the book features removable reproductions of rare memorabilia, including posters, animation artwork, cue sheets, and handwritten scripts. 



Nancy Borowick, The Family Imprint: A Daughter's Portrait of Love and Loss, Hatje Cantz, 48.53 USD

Hope, loss, and love are consistent threads throughout humanity, and the pain and joy they can bring are universally relatable. Photojournalist Nancy Borowick explores these themes in her book, The Family Imprint: A Daughter's Portrait of Love and Loss, in which she documents her parents' simultaneous stage IV cancer diagnosis and treatment. Through her camera, Borowick captures the most intimate moments of the journey and in turn uncovers poignant intricacies about herself and her relationships. Though both of Borowick's parents passed away within one year of another, the book is a brave and compelling testament to the power of family and love.