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Coffee Table Curator: October 2016

Kim Gordon: Noise Name Paintings and Sculptures of Rock Bands That Are Broken Up, Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, 50 USD

You know Kim Gordon as the frontwoman of the legendary alt-rock band Sonic Youth, but what many don't know if that she's also a talented artist who creates noise paintings and sculptures. This book expounds on her series of "Noise Name" paintings, which pay tribute to bands such as the Stooges and Pussy Galore by scribbling their names in unique ways on white canvases. Perhaps Gordon herself puts it best: "I approach music and visual art in different ways, I consider them utterly separate art forms. This book brings them together."



Matisse/Diebenkorn, Prestel, 49.95 USD

The American-born Richard Diebenkorn is renown for his contributions to abstract expressionism and the Bay Area figurative movement, but a lesser-known, noteworthy fact about the painter is how profoundly he was influenced by Henri Matisse. This volume charts the evolution of Diebenkorn by featuring dozens of his paintings and drawings alongside those by Matisse; it becomes readily apparent, through subject, composition, and technique, how prominent Matisse's impact was on Diebenkorn. While they unfortunately never met, if it wasn't for Matisse, Diebenkorn arguably wouldn't have forged his wholly unique style.




Vitamin P3, Phaidon, 69.96 USD

The new Vitamin P3 continues in the exceptional line of "Vitamin P" volumes, and this time around, it focuses on the world's top painters. By featuring more than 100 artists chosen by international experts, P3 is a deep-dive into every facet—styles, practices, themes—of contemporary painting. If an artist is engaging with and pushing the boundaries of the medium of paint, you'll find them here.



Georgia O'Keeffe, Abrams, 55 USD

Georgia O'Keeffe is one the few modern artists that warrants a new coffee table book every few months. Instead on honing in on one particular period of O'Keeffe's storied career, this volume explores every facet of her prolific work—so whether you prefer her abstractions, nature studies of the West, or black-and-white Manhattan scenes, they're all here in vibrant replication. With more than 200 works included, you'll have to carve out the time to fully discover them all.



Coach, Rizzoli, 75 USD

It's been 75 years since the beloved fashion brand Coach was established in the United States, and this gorgeously illustrated volume is here to provide a conclusive visual survey of its history. Nothing says "New York cool" quite like Coach; that sentiment is echoed in its timeless craftsmanship, authenticity, and innovative design. Learn all about the evolution of the company here, complete with a plethora of new and archival photographs, and insightful text. 




Art House, Assouline, 85 USD

Try not to be too jealous of these opulent living quarters. Art collector Chara Schreyer and interior designer Gary Hutton have been collaborating on homes for over forty years, and the five residencies depicted here are a result of that partnership; they contain some of the most masterful works of art in the world, including pieces by Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, and Donald Judd, to name a select view. This volume beautifully features nearly all of the artworks from the homes, which could very well double as contemporary galleries at this point. Art and design go harmoniously together, after all.