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Armchair Traveler: The Looking Glass

Carlos Garaicoa, Roots of The World, 2016. Installation of wood table, laser cut stainless steel, and knives handles, dimensions variable. Courtesy of Galleria Continua.


Dillon Marsh, Osmium - 3 Million Troy Ounces, 2016. Inkjet print on Hahnühle photo rag, 19.7 x 24.6 in. Photo courtesy of Gallery MOMO. 


Alexander Gutke, Big Sky Blue, 2016. Floor sculpture, metal, paint, dimensions variable. Courtesy of Galerija Gregor Podnar.





Jeppe Hein, A New End, 2016. Polished stainless steel, 28 ft. square x 10 ft (h). Photo: Mark Gardner. Courtesy of the Trustees.