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New Again: United States Olympic Special


Dwight Stones, Track & Field; Evelyn Ashford, Track & Field 

Jack Kelly, Olympic Committee and Sculling

Mark Caso, Gymnastics

Carl Lewis, Track & Field

Dave Laut, Track & Field

Ed Liddie, Judo; Bill Scherr and Jim Scherr, Wrestling; John Hanrahan, Wrestling; Kris Ringgold and Eddie Arrazcaeta, Judo 

Lorna Griffin, Track & Field; Candy Young, Track & Field; Mac Wilkins, Track & Field; Diane Williams, Track & Field 

Tom Petranoff, Track & Field; Willie Banks, Track & Field 

Mary "Demi" Huddleson, Fencing; Ralph Faulkner, 1928 World Champion Fencer-Saber; Anne Kursinski, Equestrian; Michael Matz, Equestrian; Bob Nieman, Modern Pentathalon; Mike Storm, Modern Pentathalon

Tom Jager, Swimming; Ron Meyer, Diving; Tony Corbisiero, Swimming

Edwin Moses, Track & Field 

Cynthia Stinger, Team Handball; Steve Goss, Team Handball; Manuel Tores, Team Handball; Chemine Doty, Volleyball; Karch Kitaly, Volleyball; Pam McGee and Paul McGee, Basketball; Cheryl Miller, Basketball 

David Kimes, Shooting

Harry Parker, Men's Sailing Coach; Thomas Kiefer, Rowing and Paul Lambert, Rowing; Abigail Peck and Susan Proctor, Rowing; Robert G. Ernst II, Women's Sailing Coach; Tiff Wood, Rowing; Andrew Young, Thomas King, Chris McDougall, and Craig Boyan, Rowing; Virginia Gilder, Rowing; Kathy Keeler, Elizabeth Hills O'Leary, Kathleen O'Neil, Carie Graves, and Joline Esparza, Rowing

Mark Breland, Boxing

Carol Lewis, Track & Field; Roberta Bell, Pamela Page, and Roslyn Bryant, Track & Field 

Albert Hood, Weightlifting; Valentin Avans, Special Olympics 

Michael Getchell, Soccer; Peter Miller, Soccer; David McDaniel, Soccer; Pat Johnston, Soccer; Gregory Kenney, Soccer; Tony Johnson, Soccer; Tom Kain, Soccer; Gregory Santaga, Soccer; Michael Getchell, Soccer; Greg Burgstron, Soccer; Ron Basile, Soccer; Timothy Alioto, Soccer

Andrew Minsker, Boxing

David Gilman, Kayak

Jon Lundberg, Wrestling

Peter Schifrin, Fencing 

Peter Vidmar, Gymnastics

Mario McCutcheon, Gymnastics; Tim Daggett, Gymnastics

Mitch Gaylord, Gymnastics; Neil Palmer, Gymnastics; Mario McCutcheon, Gymnastics; Tim Daggett, Gymnastics 

Steve Lundquist, Swimming

Greg Louganis, Diving


Terry Schroeder, Water Polo

Wendy Wyland, Diving

Rowdy Gaines, Swimming

Dara Torres, Swimming; Tiffany Cohen, Swimming 

Stacy Oversier, Rhythmic Gymnastics; Lydia Bree, Rhythmic Gymnastics 

Paige Zemina, Swimming

Kurt Wienants, Swimming

Tracie Ruiz and Candy Costie, Synchronized Swimming 

Karen LaFace, Diving; Thelma Payne Sanborn, Diving (1920 Olympics Bronze medalist) 

Jane Frederick, Track & Field; Andre Phillips, Track & Field 

Bob Roggy, Track & Field; Greg Foster, Track & Field; Linda Karecki, Track & Field 

Tyrell Biggs, Boxing; Nathan Houser, Boxing; Dave Gauvin, Boxing 

Peter Lash, Team Handball

Sharon Monplaisir, Fencing; Wilbur Wheeler, Fencing; Steve Trevor, Fencing 

Henry Milligan, Boxing; Ricky Womack, Boxing

Bruce Merritt, Canoe; Karl Nelson, Yachting; Sheila Cooper, Kayak; Jay Glaser and Randy Smyth, Yachting 

Luanne Ryon, Archery