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Casting Call: The Warriors

One of the most interesting gangs the Warriors come across is the Lizzies, an all girl group who try to seduce the Warriors into a deadly trap. They could prove to be an interesting part of the series if given a larger role, including a more pronounced Lizzies Leader. While pop star Sky Ferreira's acting career is in its early stages, we think she'd make for a formidable gang leader.



While he doesn't start the journey as the head of the Warriors, Swan is forced to take charge after their former Warlord, Cleon, is killed in the madness that follows Cyrus' death. Swan proves himself to be levelheaded, intelligent, and physical—a formidable leader whose acumen continuously saves the Warriors. Joe Cole has shown an ability as an actor to be restrained yet fly off the handle when need be, and would make for a perfect Swan.



The man who shoots Cyrus and sets up the Warriors, Luther, is one of the most enjoyable characters in the original film. Evil through and through, he operates purely out of a love for anarchy and violence. And who could forget his classic line: "Warrioooorrs, come out to plaay-ey-ay!" Luther is as bone chilling as they come, and James Ransone would fill the psycho's shoes well.



Cyrus may be short-lived, but that doesn't mean he isn't memorable. It's quite the contrary: he delivers a rousing speech about a gang utopia, capping it off with a thunderous, drawn out, "Can you dig it?" We'd dig Daveed Diggs as Cyrus, who could do the rousing speech justice, as well as do more for the character if he doesn't perish so early on in the series.



After Cyrus perishes, Masai takes hold of the Gramercy Riffs and is somehow almost as powerful a leader and speaker as his predecessor. Though chasing after the wrong group, Masai's pursuit of the Warriors is practically virtuous given how persuasively angry he is. Larry Gilliard Jr. has a proven ability to captivate and would make for a convincing Masai.




Mercy isn't the most lovable at first, as she introduces herself by nearly bating the Warriors into a seriously mismatched fight. Fed up with the weak gang she associates herself with, she decides to tag along with the heroes and ends up being a likable, tough talking member of the group. Based on her work in Ash vs. The Evil Dead, Dana DeLorenzo could match up with Mercy's difficult act.