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Art in the SIXTY Hotels

SIXTY Nautilus, Miami: Katherine Bernhardt, Sharks and Sharpies

Katherine's a nice, talented artist with a very particular style, which worked beautifully for the pool. The aesthetic is perfect for that spot and she speaks to what is going on now.

SIXTY Nautilus, Miami: Dan Colen, M&M Boulders

Colen is one of the best examples of the current New York arts scene; he's representative of now. We had a huge crane to lift in these M&M boulders—they're literally oversized colored boulders with the iconic M&M chocolate logo. It's so simple, playing on the mundaneness of a boulder, but turning them into colorful playful pieces. We've placed them right at the end of the property, a beautiful garden before you hit the beach, which blurs the line between contemporary art and landscaping. It's perfect for Miami!

SIXTY LES, New York: Warhol Filmstrip

What we wanted to do here was integrate art into the actual hotel, with Warhol being the most iconic artist both back in the '60s and even now his filmstrip made sense. Like Warhol, the neighborhood of the LES is also timeless within the art scene.

SIXTY SoHo, New York: William Klein, Smoke & Veil

This is one of his most famed shots from William Klein's series. He was one of the first Vogue photographers and lived in Paris. Then his photos became manipulated by painters, which we have hanging at SIXTY SoHo.



SIXTY SoHo, New York: Harland Miller, The Next Life's on Me

This was the title of Harland's last exhibition. A collector from Hawaii bought the piece and it was shipped from London to the buyer's home, only to find it wouldn't fit through the door. Harland thought the piece was perfect for the new SoHo property when we changed from the Thompson to SIXTY SoHo in late 2014.