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Coffee Table Curator: May 2016

This Brutal World, Phaidon, 49.95 USD

When you see an exceptional work of architecture, it stays with you forever—perhaps more so when it follows a brutalist style. While not inherently sexy, "brutal" buildings, with their frequent fortress-like girth and use of concrete, rarely cease to exude an aura of great power and awe. This volume explores some of the most remarkable forms of brutalist architecture found around the world, created by the virtuoso minds of architects including Zaha Hadid, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Marcel Breuer.



Bowie, powerHouse Books, 35 USD

Music enthusiasts across the globe are still mourning David Bowie's unexpected death earlier this year—and it's doubtful our sadness will fully heal anytime soon. But until that day comes, seek solace in the fact that there are many excellent Bowie books on the market right now, including this one, which features a hearty mix of portraits and never-before-seen eccentric images from a 1974 photo shoot with Steve Schapiro. Keen readers will notice a striking similarity between many photos and the imagery of the music videos released for Bowie's final album Blackstar, which only adds to his remarkably complex and ingenious persona. If you're a fan of Bowie, you'll be a fan of this book.



Naomi Campbell, Taschen, 1750 USD

What can we possibly say about Naomi Campbell that hasn't already been said? The British-born supermodel, entrepreneur, and activist has been dominating runways and editorial spreads since her early teenage years, quickly becoming one of the most recognizable models in modern history. Now, there is finally a book that celebrates her legendary career. This massive two-volume collector's edition encompasses everything from Campbell's life: countless editorial and advertising campaigns from a mélange of noted photographers, candid personal photographs, and an extensive autobiographical section written by Campbell herself. The hardcover was designed by none other than controversial and famed British pop artist Allen Jones, plus the book itself is signed, too.

Frank Stella: Prints. Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation. 75 USD

Frank Stella is one of the most prolific living artists today. While he might be best recognized for his achievements in abstract painting and sculpture, another one of his specialties is something a little bit different: prints. Arranged chronologically, this beautiful volume includes more than 300 original Stella prints that demonstrate his uniquely astute vision at creating a relationship between modern printmaking and other media. The results, as you would expect, are beautiful and complex, and attest to his compelling longevity as an artist.



Pool Party, Rizzoli, 35 USD

While we may be a few weeks away from pool season officially commencing, this charming book entices us to take a swim this instant. Containing upwards of 100 photographs of notable guests at businessman Johnny Pigozzi's pool at his sprawling Antibes, France estate, this intimate and sunny look at the French hang-out spans more than five decades. Everyone from Mick Jagger to Woody Allen to Elizabeth Taylor has stopped at Pigozzi's, naturally donning a glamorous array of swimsuits and ensembles. 


Cubism - Constructivism - Form Art, Prestel, 60 USD

If you've ever wanted a book that traces the unexpectedly interconnected history of three influential art historical movements—cubism, constructivism, and form art—look no further. At first glance, it may appear that these three movements have little in common (i.e. How is Picasso's Le Demoiselles d'Avignon possibly similar to Kandinsky's Blue Rider period?), however, upon closer inspection, it's clear that commonalities between these movements are abundant and lavish.