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Casting Call: Training Day

Kyle is an idealistic rookie who is given an assignment by the LAPD to take down a crooked cop. Nate Parker always plays characters grounded in their convictions, whether it's a bodyguard trying to protect a pop star from the malicious music industry in Beyond the Lights, or Nat Turner, the real-life preacher who led a slave revolt in the Antebellum South in his debut as a writer and director, The Birth of a Nation.



Sandman is a drug dealer who has been on the LAPD's radar for a long time. While Sandman is in prison, however, his wife is the one handling his illegal activities. A regular series will allow Sandman's wife, who was originally played by Macy Gray in the film, to become a more dynamic character. While we remain fond of Ms Gray, Octavia Spencer has portrayed strong women in the past, and we'd like to see her play one on the wrong side of the law. 

Jennifer Connelly is the perfect actress to play Lisa, Jake Hoyt's wife. Connelly has played the strong yet damaged wife before, and Lisa is just that, with a teenage son at home and a husband on the force. 

In Training Day the film, Sara (Eva Mendes) is Alonzo Harris' self assured mistress. We imagine the television series will include a similar character as Kyle's love interest, and Tessa Thompson seems like the perfect fit for the role. Thompson is often cast in confident and groundbreaking female roles from Creed to Dear White People, so a character similar to the original Sara should be right up her alley.



Ethan Hawke is in talks to redeem his role as Jake Hoyt. We imagine something akin to Bradley Cooper's role on Limitless, another film-turned-CBS series.



In the Training Day film, Roger was an ex-cop-turned-drug dealer—a person Alonzo dealt with quite frequently and ultimately killed. We'd like The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal to play Roger's equivalent in the television series.