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Casting Call: Lamborghini รข?? The Legend

Ferrucio and Enzo Ferrari had something of a rivalry (of course). Enzo Ferrari was older and more established, and Ferrucio purportedly bought at least one Ferrari in the late '50s and suggested a few ways to improve it to Enzo. For Enzo, we’re going to suggest Adrien Brody, maybe with a grey wig thrown on.

Ferruccio Lamborghini has a fairly interesting backstory: He was born in 1916 in Northern Italy and his parents were grape farmers. During World War II, he was a mechanic in the Italian air force and then a British POW. He didn't start making his eponymous sports cars until the 1960s. To compete with Christian Bale as Ferrari, the AMBI group will need someone who is both a serious actor and a fairly big name—someone like Oscar Isaac.

Ferrucio had was enamored with bull fighting (hence the Lamborghini logo). He even visited the ranch of bull breeder Don Eduardo Miura and named a car (“The Miura”) after the bulls he encountered there. This began Lamborghini’s tradition of naming car models after bull breeds. We'd like to suggest Narcos's Wagner Moura for Don Miura. 

Antonio “Tonino” Lamborghini is said to be advising on the film, and will probably make an appearance himself. When his father started making his own cars, Tonino was about 16, so we think he should be played by Aramis Knight of Into the Badlands.

Lamborghini’s second wife, Annita Borgatti, didn’t last very long and the couple divorced without having any children, so we’ll skip to wife number three, Maria Theresa Cane. Again, there’s not much out there about Maria, but we can assume she was a fair bit younger than her husband, as Ferruccio became a father for the second time at the age of 57. We’d like to suggest Spanish actress Maria Valverde, who once played Christian Bale’s wife in Exodus.

Lamborghini had three wives. The first, Clelia Monti, died after the birth of their first child Antonio (known as Tonino) in 1947. There aren’t too many photos of her available, but we imagine she was pretty without being flashy. Perhaps she could be played by Aisling Loftus, who will soon appear as Sonya in War & Peace and Charlotte Lucas in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.