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Casting Call: The Truman Show

Rami Malek is no stranger to playing paranoid characters (look no further than his role as Elliot on Mr Robot for proof). We think Malek could bring a bit of darkness to the role of Truman Burbank, the unfortunate protagonist.



Sylvia is the one character in Truman's life who is trying to fight against his imprisonment. Tessa Thompson is familiar with this kind of role, portraying an activist in both Selma and Dear White People, but she stills retains that mystifying, intangible aura that first attracts Truman.





Marlon is the all-American guy. As Truman's childhood best friend, he constantly shows up with a six-pack of beer to diffuse any problematic situation. Jussie Smollett has a face anyone could trust, even if, as Season Two of Empire has shown us, he is working for the bad guys.

Mery Burbank is Truman's picture-perfect wife. A beautiful blonde nurse with an endless string of household products to promote, her character has a very sinister, Stepford-wife air. After her stint as a demonic, angel-faced nun on American Horror Story: Asylum, we can't think of anyone more perfect thanLily Rabe.





To help curb Truman's curiosity about the outside world, the producers of the show killed off his father in boating accident, instilling Truman with a fear of water. But, like all of Truman's life, his father's death was fake, and the actor who played him eventually sneaks back onto the set, posing as a homeless man. With a long list of roles ranging from a gangly, leather jacket-wearing 1960s teenager to Adolf Hitler and even a brief stint on Game of ThronesNoah Taylor has proven to have quite the range. Seeing as Kirk Burbank's return is purely selfish (fame!) and free from any concern for his fictional son, he's definitely one of the more devious characters. We think Taylor would be the right fit.

After Truman, Christof is the most memorable character. As the director and creator of the show, he has a God-complex and views Truman as his most precious creation. Despite being along with Truman since he was in the womb, Christof easily de-humanizes Truman. We think no one could play the role of the complicated, power hungry villain better than Zachary Quinto.