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Miguel's Art Basel Miami Beach Essentials

Eye-drops: Roto, the blue ones, 'cause, well... remember the vape I mentioned?

The Great Frog rings: I think a man's jewelry is a part of his personality, his character. Every one of the rings or necklaces I wear has meaning or nostalgic value. I wear these almost daily regardless of the occasion: An all-seeing eye for the universal creator, a sombrero skeleton because I'm Latino and that shit is just waves, a Native American-style ring for my Choctaw Indian roots on my mother's side. 

Puerto Sagua: An authentic Cuban diner on Collins. It's incredible.

Sandro "Clash" t-shirt: Because a comfortable, well made t-shirt is all I ever really want to wear.


Sandro "Mega" sweatshirt: Got to have a a great hoodie for the road, and it's perfect to layer with in the winter. Check the fit and zipper details.

Pax vape: For when I want to talk to Samson.

Sandro "Trasher" jacket: Miami weather is way unpredictable, but you can almost always rely on wind and humidity. That makes a warm layer always a go-to, especially when it's well made, interesting, and comfortable.

Mini midi controller: For making producing wherever I am a little easier.

Chapstick original (black): The combination of wind, sun (majorly common on any beach), and the dehydration from night after night of Basel riots takes their toll. And there's nothing worse than having to lick your damn lips every second!

A notebook: To scribble random thoughts and creative ideas whenever inspiration strikes.

Vintage Cartier aviators: These will always be my favorite.