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Casting Call: A Life in the Day

Besides the obvious eyebrow resemblance, Freddie Highmore evokes George Harrison’s same quiet and brooding nature in his portrayal of Norman Bates on Bates Motel. Ignoring his character’s sociopathic tendencies, his mysterious, yet charming aurora is a perfect match for Harrison.

From his role as Oliver Tate in his breakout film Submarine, to his new gig as David in the Amazon original series Red Oaks, Craig Roberts nails the part of the awkward, but well-meaning and friendly-natured young man, making him the perfect fit for the affable "cute Beatle" Paul McCartney.

After record producer George Martin decided the band needed a more experienced drummer, the band convinced Epstein to dismiss Pete Best for them. Best was considered the band’s heartthrob, a role Avan Jogia is not unfamiliar with. Despite his popularity with fans, he was considered very shy, something the humble actor would have no problem portraying.

George Martin was the stern, but much-needed mentor and producer of the Beatles, who Epstein had convinced to sign with the band. In his most recent role, Michael Fassbender played the temperamental, but extremely influential co-founder of Apple. After his stunning performance in Steve Jobs, there’s no question that Fassbender could tackle a portrayal of the powerful man.

From King Renly Baratheon on Game of Thrones to his recent role as Charles Manson on NBC’s Aquarius, Gethin Anthony has proven that he has a very wide acting range, we have no doubt that he could be the loyal friend and personal assistant of Epstein as well as the entire band, Peter Brown.

Although Yoko Ono did not meet John until a year before Epstein passed away from a drug overdose, she’ll likely have some kind of cameo, considering the close relationship Lennon and Epstein had. Famously hated by fans who considered her the end of the Beatles, Ono needs to be portrayed by someone used to playing an unpopular character. Kimiko Glenn’s role as Brook Soso, the young hippie inmate, who frequently annoys the characters around her on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black has prepared her to take on Yoko Ono.