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Casting Call: Rebel in the Rye

Skins, Mad Max: Fury Road, and X-Men: First Class actor Nicholas Hoult has already been tapped to play Mr. Salinger himself. He was almost unrecognizable as the alternately demented and loveable Nux in Mad Max, and he's proved his cult appeal.

Agent, confidante, and vanguard of Salinger's privacy, Dorothy Olding worked with the writer for much of his career. She was responsible for Salinger's fan mail (which she never forwarded) and in 1970, she destroyed their personal communications at the writer's request. We'd like to see someone a bit older than the fresh-faced Hoult as Dorothy, and we think Julianne Moore, who won us over in A Single Man, I'm Not There, and Boogie Nights, among others, would be a perfect fit.

William Maxwell, an editor at the New Yorker who guided Salinger's development during his work with the magazine, was 20 years the young writer's senior. We'd like to see Ed Harris play the famed editor. He's got an authorial —and authoritative—air about him, and his roles in 2000's Pollock as both director and the painter himself make us hope he's up for another biopic. 

Salinger married three times during his life, but it was his marriage to Claire Douglas that had arguably the greatest impact on his work. His character Franny Glass was conceived around the time of their courtship and, as New York Magazine noted, they have a more than coincidental similarity. Emily Browning, who first caught our eye in A Series of Unfortunate Events, would be a perfect fit to play the young English socialite Salinger wed in 1955.

Salinger admired Ernest Hemingway and corresponded with him throughout the war. Clive Owen last reincarnated the late, great American author in the 2012 HBO biopic Hemingway and Gellhorn alongside Nicole Kidman. It's a tough act to follow, but we'd like to see Colin Farrell take up the mantle for Rebel in the Rye.

Last year, Sienna Miller tackled one of the most daunting roles on Broadway: Cabaret's Sally Bowles. She acted alongside Alan Cumming, picking up where Emma Stone left off on the show's most recent Broadway run. Miller demonstrated she was game for the role that Liza Minnelli made famous, and we'd like to see her stretch her range even more as Salinger's first wife Sylvia Welter. They married immediately after the war, but divorced shortly thereafter and Salinger cut off communication with her when he learned she may have been a Gestapo informant during the war.