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Casting Call: The Devil in the White City

Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to play H. H. Holmes and we happily approve. If anyone has the acting chops to portray a psychopath who killed mercilessly and sold body parts, it's DiCaprio. Hopefully this role will finally get the actor an Oscar.


Minnie Williams played an important role in Holmes' life. She left her estate in Texas and moved into his infamous murder castle. It wasn't completely verified whether she knew of her Holmes's lunacy and criminal activities and was an accomplice, or if she was completely oblivious and blinded by love. Her sister Anna visited the couple only to disappear days later. Williams was a complex woman, and we think Felicity Jones could do justice to this role.

An associate and friend of Holmes, Benjamin Pietzel may or may not have voluntarily agreed to help Holmes scam an insurance company by faking his own death. Unfortunately for Pietzel, Holmes murdered him and took the money for himself, lying to Pietzel's widow about her husband's absence and killing their children. After falling in love with their chemistry in Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, we think Jonah Hill would be wonderful in this role alongside DiCaprio.

The chief architect of the World Fair, Daniel Burnham, is responsible for creating the whole fair from ashes, quite literally. For this role we nominate Matthew McConaughey. Even though Holmes and Burnham led different lives and never interacted, we wouldn't mind a scene or 10 between DiCaprio and McConaughey.

Frederick Law Olmsted was Burnham's associate and helped him design the World Fair. If Olmstead sounds familiar, it is probably because he also designed New York City's Central Park, the campus of Stanford University, and many more projects around America. We think that Michael Douglas could fill in this role perfectly.  

Frank Geyer has one of the most vital roles in this story: he was the police officer who tracked down Holmes after investigating an insurance company's claim of being defrauded by him and uncovered the gory crimes of his past. A member of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, Geyer also wrote a book about his findings in this case, calling it "a marvelous story of modern times." Chiwetel Ejiofor fits the bill well.