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Casting Call: Sister Act

While most of the nuns gravitate towards Deloris, their leader the Reverend Mother remains suspicious of Deloris' frivolous outlook and even resigns when she feels her authority is being undermined. Ultimately, however, she turns out to be a good egg and brings the nuns to Deloris' rescue. Maggie Smith  gave such an outstanding performance in the original that we would love to see her reprise this role.


Sister Mary Robert is part of the church choir. A gifted singer, she is reticent in nature and holds back her talent. Deloris encourages Sister Mary Robert to step up and places her at the front of the choir. Only Anna Kendrick and her musical talent would do the role justice.



A lounge singer with a carefree attitude, Deloris Wilson is forced to go on the run after witnessing her gangster boyfriend ordering a hit. Disguised as a nun, she starts living as Sister Mary Clarence at a rundown church in San Francisco. She directs the church's choir group and befriends the nuns in the process. We think Jada Pinkett Smith could fill Goldberg's shoes.


Lt. Eddie Souther is the police officer who places Deloris in witness protection. In his attempt to catch the gangster, he discovers that Vince has certain members of the police force in his pocket, and comes through for Deloris just in time. With his gruff yet charming look, Naveen Andrews is our choice for the lieutenant.


The joyful Sister Mary Patrick adds spunk to the movie with her humorous dialogue and demeanor. We'd like Alyson Hannigan to play this character. 

Vince LaRocca is Deloris' boyfriend whom she walks in on giving orders to execute his chauffeur. He tells his men to kill Deloris before she can talk, but she manages to escape. When he finds out where she is hiding, he attempts to kill her again. Gilles Marini (Brothers & Sisters, Switched at Birth) would be a great fit for this character.