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Casting Call: Alice and Freda Forever

Seventeen-year-old Freda Ward, who eventually falls victim to Alice's jealousy, seems the more naïve of the two lovers. Perhaps, then, Chloe Grace Moretz, whose roles have included the murderous Carrie (Carrie) and the equally lethal Hit-Girl (Kick-Ass), is not the clearest choice for the role. That said, with her roles in films like Let Me In and Scott Z. Burn's play The Library, Moretz has shown her emotional range.

Ada Volkmar is Freda's sister and the one who discovers and destroys her sister's love affair. She is the nosy sister, the meddlesome interloper. We think Mia Wasikowska could be a good fit.


Naturally moody and with more than one romantic role to her name, Kristen Stewart is probably the most obvious choice for the role of 19-year-old Alice Mitchell. Twilight aside, she has shown in the past few years that she has some serious acting chops.


George Mitchell, Alice's father, rules over his family with an iron fist. Committing his own wife to a mental asylum for dementia, and later handing his daughter over to a jailer, he more than just a strict dad. We nominate Kevin Bacon for this one.


We don't know much about Freda's father, Thomas Ward, but judging from what we've read, he plays a role similar to Alice's: the disapproving patriarch. We nominate Gary Oldman.


Julius DuBose is the judge that presided over Alice Mitchell's trial, in which she was declared insane by the jury after 20 minutes. Who better to play a Memphis judge than Sam Elliot?