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Around the World with H.O.W.L.

I found all of these beautiful treasures traveling through Istanbul. After seeing the same stuff stall after stall at the Grand Bazaar, I decided to wander through all of the antique stores around where I was staying. I sat on the floor in the back of this old man's shop—he didn't speak a word of English and was having the best time watching me shuffle through his silver platers of treasures. Communicating through laughter and excitement, I came back to my studio with these one-of-a-kind, timeless pieces.

This was taken in Istanbul right before I scavenged through the Grand Bazaar.  It was a beautifully exhausting day of shuffling through junk, treasures, and more junk, trying to stay present with my intention for hunting for the most unique pieces I could find.

This was the first stall in the incredible flea market in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. I had to hold back and not buy everything at the first spot I found. After I explored the market, I ended up right back where I started and bought the most amazing pieces from my new friend.

This is our whole crew at the top of Masada. one of the most beautiful, powerful views I have ever experienced.

These shots were taken in the middle of our tour through the Western Wall in Jerusalem—the most powerful landmark on our journey. The power of prayer and intention was so visible here. The Arab quarters of the walls was jam packed with treasures. I found the most amazing stall with trays of old broken chains and beads to dig through until my hands were black.

This was in Hertzilia, Israel. Nassim, who is speaking, has been building this majestic mosaic cave house into the side of the beach for the last 35 years. Every wall, floor, and ceiling had been built with his own hands, and the mosaics with glass and rocks from his surroundings. He was an absolute nut, but I guess you have to be in order to do something along these lines. He let me take a few things that i was able to make everyone necklaces with.