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Casting Call: The Craft

Chris is your typical high school movie jackass: the popular star athlete who is also a misogynistic liar and would-be rapist. Sorry, Cameron Monaghan, but someone has to fill the role.


Nancy is the leader of the goth clique, the head badass in charge. Her pleated plaid skirt is short, her button-down untucked, and her lips rouge-noir. Fairuza Balk played Nancy in the original film, and even won an MTV Award for the role (Best Fight). We're suggesting Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) for the update. We already know she can be creepy, add some good lipstick...

Rochelle (Rachel True) is the only black girl at her Catholic school and is bullied by others because of it (specifically a character played by Christine Taylor). She always seemed like the least fleshed out of the four protagonists so we hope she's given more to do in the new film. We think Kiersey Clemons, another Sundance scene-stealer, would be a good fit.

For Rachel, we think she should be played by British actress Ella Purnell, who played mini-Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. Purnell was born in 1996, the year the original film was released.

Everyone loves a good throwback cameo: Fairuza Balk as the woman who owns the magic shop, perhaps?

Bonnie is the shy member of the group. She's beautiful—she was originally played by Neve Campbell—but she has burn scars covering her back and arms and is very self-conscious about them. We nominate The Bronze's Haley Lu Richardson.