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Frances Stark

Frances Stark, Chorus Girl folding self in half, 2008. Paper collage, graphite on paper. 193 cm x 147.3 cm. Reproduced on the cover of A Torment of Follies, Frances Stark, produced by Secession, Vienna, 2008. Photo: Courtesy of Secession

Frances Stark, Butterfly Sculpture, 2008. Fabric, foamcore, brass rod, collage on gessoed canvas. 185.5 cm x 98 cm. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Frances Stark, Bobby Jesus's Alma Mater, passage from a movement therein: where is the hand, 2014. Acrylic, spray paint, and digital print on plastic woven with fiber. 254 cm x 401 cm. Photo: Courtesy of Marc Foxx Gallery

Frances Stark in Venice, Italy, May 2015.