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The Salon: Art + Design

Joseph Walsh, Enignum Free Form Pair, 2014, Ireland. Photo courtesy of Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary. 




Bae Se Hwa, 2014, steam 24, walnut. Desk: 290 x 120 x 100 cm; drawer: 182 x 70 x cm. Courtesy Gallery Seomi.



Diego Giacometti, "Dompteuse" Table Lamps,(1902-1985), 19 3/8 in x 7 ¼ in x 4 3/8 in. Courtesy DeLorenzo Gallery.

A Note from the Gallery: This pair of silvered-bronze "Dompteuse" lamps are a complementary pair modeled with the draped head of a woman emerging from a rectangular standard with a lioness and a falcon, further sculpted with various forms of wildlife, including a ferret, frogs, and an impressionistic human face. Signed "Diego"; inscribed "Pierre Hugo." These lamps were made in silvered-bronze as a gift to Jean-François Gobbi, who was Diego's adopted godson. Pierre Hugo and his father François Hugo, jewelers in the south of France, are known for fabricating designs in silver and gold for Pablo Picasso.



Joseph Walsh, Lumenoria Desk, 2014, 267 x 98 x 74 cm, olive ash and cast resin, Ireland. Photo courtesy of Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary. 



Ruhlman Chair, 37 in x 17 in x 17 inches Photo courtesy of Todd Merrill Studio Contemporary.



Bahk Jong Sun, Trans, 2014, white oak, walnut, aluminum, 303 x 38 x 130 cm. Courtesy Gallery Seomi.



Kim Sang Hoon, Phenomena, 2014, luxteel, Birch. Courtesy Gallery Seomi.



Lee Hun Chung, Bade, 2014, glazed ceramic in traditional powdered celadon. Courtesy Gallery Seomi.