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Casting Call: Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

Mr. Silverman is Leonard's favorite history teacher who lectures on the Holocaust in class. He notices Leonard's futile attempts to fit in with his classmates and offers a sympathetic ear to Leonard's despairing complaints. We think that Ron Livingston would play a great mentor to Leonard.


Walt is a widower, a derelict, and Leonard's next-door neighbor. Leonard spends most of his free time with him watching old Humphrey Bogart films. Nick Offerman, most famous for his role as the burly and stoic Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, would do a great job of playing Leonard's older friend.


Baback is Leonard's classmate and a violin virtuoso. He's one of the few that Leonard values enough to say goodbye to before his suicide. Mark Indelicato, who played Ugly Betty's young nephew for years and was recently in White Bird in a Blizzard, seems like he'd be a good fit.


Nat Wolff (right, pictured with his brother Alex) has experience playing troubled teens—he recently appeared in The Fault in Our Stars, as a high schooler with cancer, and Palo Alto, as the class asshole—and we'd like to see him as the troubled, but precocious Leonard Peacock. He's gradually shedding his Nickelodeon persona, and starring as this complex character would be another successful way to do so.

Photo by Christopher Gabello


Asher Beal and Leonard Peacock were best friends as children. When they turned 12, however, something happened amidst the two of them that changed their relationship forever. Leonard went down the path of the misfit while Asher became the muscular jock and bully. Will Peltz, who recently played a football-playing jerk in Men, Women and Children, would be perfect as this menacing character.

Photo by Chris Colls


Leonard has a massive crush on Lauren Rose, a hot homeschooled girl who passes out pamphlets for her fundamentalist church at the train station. We'd like to see Olivia Crocicchia—who played a frisky cheerleader in Men, Women and Children and a promiscuous character in Palo Alto—in the role of the attractive, but puritanically prudish (or maybe not) Lauren.