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Casting Call: Rocky

An iconic figure for any boxer, Rocky Marciano was born in Iowa and was drafted into the army for two years before competing professionally on the boxing circuit. We can't think of anyone better than Chris Evans to portray the leading man. If his role in the Captain American franchise is any indication, he's got the looks, charm, and determination of a champion.


The closest person to ever defeating Marciano in a professional boxing match was Roland La Starza, with a score of 5-4, 4-5, 5-5 (and the score was widely contested due to a supplemental point system used during the time). La Starza—who went on to have a short career as a television actor—continued to vent his frustration of the result until the day he died. With the Vaughnaissance currently underway (hello, True Detective), we think Vince Vaughn would lend a gritty edge to the demise of La Starza.


A Frenchman by birth, Al Weill was a renowned and astute boxing manager who managed Marciano. Characterized by his aggressive and demanding personality, Weill recognized Marciano's talents during his early years and helped transform him into a boxing legend. We'd like to see Vincent Cassel shave his head and put on the manager's distinctive spectacles.


Joe Louis, like Marciano, had a long and prolific boxing career but never achieved the same level of success as his greatest competitor. In fact, his career ended when Marciano knocked him out and defeated him at Madison Square Garden in 1951. We'd like to see Noel Clarke put on an Alabama twang and boxing gloves. He would add a dramatic and poignant touch to the character.


Alisay "Allie" Colombo was Marciano's faithful trainer (and good friend from birth) who helped him climb up the boxing circuit with his extensive drills and coaching. In a sad turn of events, he passed away a few months before Marciano's death. Chris Messina's spirited and deadpan personality would be ideal as the man who dedicated his life to the boxer.


Marciano's wife, Barbara Cousins, preferred being out of the spotlight than beside the boxing ring, and because of that very little is known about her. Despite rumors of her husband's infidelity and brushes with divorce, both Barbara and Rocky seemed to adore each other, and they adopted a son together. Jennifer Connelly's no-nonsense but maternal demeanor would fit the role nicely.