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Casting Call: First Man

Michael Collins was the third, lesser-known member of Apollo 11. An Italian, he piloted the spacecraft safely to and from the moon. Jack Huston, who played Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire, could do a fantastic job as Collins.

Armstrong's first wife, Janet Shearon, went through a lot while dealing with her husband's adventurous, dangerous, and time-consuming professional interests. They lost a daughter to brain tumor at age three and Shearon ultimately divorced Armstrong after 38 years of marriage. We nominate Rachel McAdams.  


We're not trying to call Kevin Costner old, but with some abetting makeup, he would make a great post-Apollo 11 Armstrong.


Ryan Kwanten has the boyish charm and innocence necessary to portray Neil Armstrong in his younger years. Though he's Australian, he's played Americans before (most notably in True Blood).


While Armstrong is notoriously quiet and introspective, Buzz Aldrin is seen as more assertive. He famously suffered from depression and alcoholism for years. Though Bryan Cranston played the astronaut in the 1998 movie From the Earth to the Moon, we think Jeremy Renner has the action-packed gall to give Aldrin's character a kick.


The always-elegant Susan Sarandon would be just right to portray Viola Armstrong, Neil's mother. She would add a loving and dramatic touch to the person who reared the most famous astronaut in history.