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Lotions and Potions

Sunday Riley Good Genes

Weren't born with perfect genes? Neither we were, but we're getting pretty good at faking it with this corrective treatment. You can use the cream at night, and when you triple the usual amount, it also acts as a rejuvenating facemask.


Aesop Perfect Hydrating Cream

This cream contains vitamins E and C—two things you probably won't get enough of once the sun disappears. A winter must-have.


Chantecaille Vital Essence Serum

Full of all your essential vitamins, Chantecaille's serum is makes for a one-step beauty regime. Use it day or night, on your eyes and on your neck, and you will soon notice a light glow.


Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum

The Juvenessence in this product helps reverse the domino effect of cellular aging one pearl at a time. Each application unlocks a single pearl to ensure you get a consistent amount of all the sustenance you need. Apply this morning and night for a fast track to tighter and revitalized skin.


Sans [ceuticals] Activator 7

The mother of all oils, Sans' "Activator" is good for your face, hair, and body and, as the brand name suggests, it's free from all artificial ingredients. Non-greasy and very hydrating, sleep in this to awake looking refreshed and dewy.