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John Waters: How Much Can You Take?

John Waters photographed by Greg Gorman. Courtesy of John Waters.

Hag in a Black Leather Jacket (1964). Mary Vivian Pearce, Captured Film Still © Dreamland Productions




Pubclity poster for Roman Candles (1966)

John Waters dressed to attend premiere of Roman Candles (1966). Photo by Patricia Waters

Eat Your Makeup (1968). Howard Gruber as JFK, Divine as Jackie Kennedy. Captured Film Still ©Dreamland Productions

Publicity poster for Mondo Trasho (1969).

Mondo Trasho (1969). Mary Vivian Pierce. From the Collection of John Waters.

Publicity poster for Multiple Maniacs (1970).

Multiple Maniacs (1970). Lady Divine (Divine). Photo by Lawrence Irvine ©Dreamland Productions

Multiple Maniacs (1970). John Waters and Divine promoting the film in San Francisco. Photo by Nelson Giles ©Dreamland Productions

Publicity poster for Female Trouble (1974).

Female Trouble (1974). Divine is Dawn Davenport. Photo by Bruce Moore ©New Line Cinema



Female Trouble (1974). Edith Massey and John Waters on set. Photo by Bruce Moore ©New Line Cinema

Polyester (1981). Divine and Tab Hunter. Photo by Larry Dean ©New Line Cinema

Publicity poster for Desperate Living (1977).

Colleen Fitzpatrick, Debbie Harry, Ricki Lake, and Divine in Hairspray (1988) courtesy NEW LINE/ THE KOBAL COLLECTION



Cry-Baby (1990). Ricki Lake, Johnny Depp, Traci Lords. Photo by Henny Garfunkel ©NBC Universal

Stephen Dorff in Cecil B. Demented (2000), courtesy ARTIC PROD/ICE CAP PROD/CANAL + / THE KOBAL COLLECTION 



Selma Blair in A Dirty Shame (2004) courtesy FINE LINE FEATURES / THE KOBAL COLLECTION