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Casting Call: American Idiot

Another one of Johnny's best friends, Tunny successfully accompanies Johnny to the big city, but finds it difficult to adjust to his new urbanized life. He decides to enlist in the army, convinced that nothing, not even the of allure of a bright-light city, can excite him anymore. It doesn't go well for him—he loses a leg and suffers other serious injuries. We're convinced that Dave Franco would make an excellent addition in this supporting role. He's charming, has a certain realness to him, and we'd like to see him take a dramatic turn.

Photo by Alasdair McLellan, Interview, September 2009

The protagonist of the film, Jesus of Suburbia (known as Johnny in the Broadway adaptation) transforms from a quiet, unremarkable suburban boy to a drug-addled and experimental big city man in a matter of weeks. Irish actor Robert Sheehan appears perfect for this complex role—he has both dramatic (Love/Hate, Cherrybomb) and comedic (Misfits, Killing Bono) range, and has a natural charm that we can't help but fall for. We'd also love to see him with a mid-western accent.

Photo by David Burton, Interview, March 2010

Another nameless woman, The Extraordinary Girl, is a nurse who helps Tunny return back to health after his crippling injuries at war. The two slowly realize they are in love with each other, and she ends up returning with Tunny back to his hometown to start a family after his recovery. Brie Larson possesses a naturally caring and nurturing demeanor, and we can see her and Dave Franco having great romantic chemistry (21 Jump Street doesn't count).

Photo by Frank Sun, Interview Online, January 2013

Will, one of Johnny's best friends, plans to move to the big city with him until his suburban girlfriend reveals she's pregnant. Depressed by his isolation and relatively boring life, he rarely leaves his home and goes into a drug and alcohol-fueled spiral, prompting his girlfriend to leave with no desire to return. We can see the talented Miles Teller as a somber and distressed young man, with troubled eyes and a life full of disappointment. His profound and moving turns in The Spectacular Now and Rabbit Hole have certainly prepared him.

Photo by Frank Sun, Interview Online, January 2013

A beautiful and lost young woman who cozies up to Johnny during his path to self-discovery, Whatsername is a rebel. While she eventually leaves him due to their self-destructive relationship, she helps Johnny find meaning in his life. We'd like to see Sky Ferreira embrace Hollywood and take on the role. Her eclectic style, candid demeanor and smoky voice make her the perfect candidate.

Photo by Chris Colls, Interview, April 2014

St. Jimmy is an outgoing and audacious drug dealer who helps Johnny explore the underbelly of big city life. In an unexpected twist, it's revealed that he's actually a manifestation of Johnny's drug-induced consciousness. As Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong had a short stint starring as St. Jimmy in the Broadway adaptation to positive reviews, and also wrote the majority of the American Idiot album, nobody knows the character better than him. Why change something that already works so well?