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Casting Call: Doctor Strange

The ultimate nemesis of Strange, Baron Mordo was originally a Transylvanian nobleman before switching to the dark side to become one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence. If his role in Django Unchained was any indication, Leonardo DiCaprio would make a wonderfully appropriate (and bearded) supervillain, prone to volatile outbursts and sardonic monologues.


The mentee and romantic interest of Strange, Clea is an ass-kicking white-haired bombshell who also happens to be the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension. With the ability to throw magic bolts of energy, control the minds of others, and perform telekinesis, you certainly don't want to get on her bad side. We nominate Diane Kruger's dramatic and gutsy acting skills for the ferocious, bodysuit-clad heroine.


Wong is to Strange as Alfred Pennyworth is to Batman: a faithful manservant and confidant. Although possessing no superhuman powers of his own, he is an expert at martial arts, quick to aid any situation, and can hold his own against the Marvel villains. John Cho would be a great asset, providing some often-needed comic relief. He also has the experience fighting villains in the revived Stark Trek films.


The Supreme Sorcerer of Earth, who resides in the elusive Sanctum Santorum on Bleecker Street, is commanding yet mysterious—heroic yet flawed. We immediately though of Tom Hiddleston, but unfortunately he already plays another character (Loki) in the Marvel world and something tells us comic book nerds would not take well to a double-casting. But, with a penchant for diverse character work and natural tall, dark and handsome looks, Sacha Baron Cohen is an ideal runner-up for the role of Doctor Strange. We can already see him waltzing around with a fiery red cape and a mustachioed face.


The original Sorcerer Supreme, Ancient One, is Strange's stoic and wise elderly mentor. He exudes the powers of the soul, body, and mind with great ease, and enjoys dabbling in the astral arts despite his timeworn age. Bruce Dern would be a good fit, due to his natural no-nonsense and sagacious aura. And who wouldn't want to see him babbling about magical lore?


Dormammu is another recurring villain of Strange's (and the uncle of Clea-awkward) who likes to pop up on occasion and wreck havoc with his mystical powers. Since the character would most likely be laden with CGI special effects to render his appearance more book-authentic (large balls of fire almost always surround his head and hands) we'd like to see Matthew Macfadyen take the role, purely for his extremely threatening yet sultry voice when he's enraged. Consult his BBC America show, Ripper Street, for evidence.