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Casting Call: Flash Boys

Flash Boys begins with trader Dan Spivey's realization that 1) he could make more money with a faster trading connection between the Chicago and New York Exchanges and 2) he could increase the trading connection by running a fiber-optic cable that was as straight as possible from Chicago to Northern New Jersey.  Spivey, who was 40 at the time, is from Jackson, Mississippi. Unfortunately, he shares his first and last names with a retired wrestler, so finding a picture of him is a little more challenging that for some of the book's other characters. Lewis, however, describes Spivey as having the face of a "Walker Evans tenant farmer." At the risk of offending him, we'd like to cast Evan Jones.


Like Ryan, Sergey Aleynikov moved to the US in 1990, at the age of 16. In 2007, Aleynikov began working at Goldman Sachs. He made quite a bit of money compared to, you know, the average American working man, but not that much compared to Goldman's top employees ("Big Swinging Dicks"). When Aleynikov left the bank for a better paying job, he was arrested for stealing a computer code. He was sent to prison, and then released and acquitted after 11 months. He was then arrested again in 2012 and is still fighting the case in court. We nominate South African actor Sharlto Copley.



Ronan Ryan moved to the U.S. with his family when he was 16. The year was 1990, the place: Greenwich, Connecticut. The country life seduced him (in spite of their American address, his parents were not particularly wealthy) and he decided he wanted to work on Wall Street. He didn't get there immediately, but when he did, he was instrumental in the creation of IEX. We'd like to recommend British actor Charlie Cox for the part of Ronan. He did a pretty good Irish accent for his role on Boardwalk Empire and has a lovely smile.


Brad Katsuyama is the hero of Michael Lewis story. An employee at the Royal Bank of Canada, it is Katsuyama who founded IEX, a new trading system intended to prevent certain Wall Street firms from having an unfair advantage. We've seen The Waking Dead's Steven Yeun play a man of intelligence before (I Origins) and would like to see him do it again. While it is worth noting that Yeun is Korean-Canadian, while Katsuyama is Japanese-Canadian, Hollywood doesn't seem to be too picky about these things. 



Unlike Spivey, there are plenty of pictures of Chris Nagy, whose job we are not going to explain but involves TD Ameritrade Holding Corp, floating about the Internet. Physically, his defining characteristic seems to be a very defined cleft chin. Based on this fact alone, we are going to cast Aaron Eckhart.


The lack of female characters in Flash Boys is depressing. We're not blaming Mr. Lewis, we realize his book is not intended as a work of fiction, but you can always take a few more liberties with the film version. Sandra Bullock won an Oscar starring in the adaptation of Lewis' The Blind Side, so we're going to cast her as the Token Female Character.