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Casting Call: Beauty and the Beast

Belle's overprotective and caring father, Maurice, supports her unconditionally. Once Belle is imprisoned in the castle, Maurice searches tirelessly for his daughter in the woods, proving that concern and dedication is all it takes to be a great Disney dad. For the part of the father, we could think of none other than the great Jeff Bridges.


Belle is a 21st century girl stuck in 18th century France. A bookish, independent idealist, Belle is teased by in the rest of the inhabitants of her the village with the exception of her father, Maurice, and her overconfident suitor, Gaston (well, sort of). After her roles in Parenthood and True Detective, we believe Alexandria Daddario is deserving of the part of Belle in Beauty and the Beast.


The Beast was not always a beast. He was once a handsome but selfish prince named Adam, who was cursed by a fairy trying to teach him a lesson in manners and morals.

After being shunned as a freak following his transformation, the Beast naturally became angry, bitter, and lonely. Things change, however, when the Beast meets Belle and finally realizes what they fairy was trying to tell him all along: beauty comes from within and you should be nice to other people, because they might secretly be vengeful fairies. With his rugged good looks, we think Game of Thrones and Orphan Black's Michiel Huisman would be a perfect fit to play the Beast.

Photo by Brian Higbee


As the housekeeper of the castle, Mrs. Potts is the most maternal teapot we've ever encountered. With her sense of responsibility and poise, Mrs. Potts immediately takes on the role as Belle's caretaker while she is trapped in the castle. After her roles in Silver Linings Playbook and Five-Year Engagement, we think Jacki Weaver would play a wonderful Mrs. Potts.



When the fairy turned Prince Adam into the Beast, she also transformed his entire household into walking, talking, singing quotidian objects like crockery, candlesticks, and clocks. Cogsworth, once the butler, is now a clock. Serious and sensible, he is the foil to Lumiere, the frivolous former head servant-turned-candlestick. We think kind-hearted Cogsworth could only be played by Billy Crystal.


Gaston, the antagonist of the story, is a muscular and arrogant hunter, who sees Belle's affection as a trophy to be collected. We nominate teen heartthrob Jared Padalecki.