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Seven Picks from NADA New York 2014

Solo Booth with Brian Belott, installation view. Image courtesy of the Artist and Essex Flowers.

Curator and artist Brian Belott made a dozens of drawings for the Essex Flowers booth. Viewers are invited to thumb through the piles of works...if they don't get lost amid playful ruckus on the walls.

Glen Baldridge, Lying Low, 2013, watercolor, powdered graphite, and silkscreen on handmade paper, 28 × 37 1/2 in. Courtesy Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York.

Recently featured in Artforum's Thousand Year Old Child, Glen Balridge's year is off to a good start. A revisit to a 2012 series, this arboreal scene appears like a photo negative, though Balridge rendered it with silkscreen and watercolor.

Jackie Saccoccio, Portrait (Bomb), 2013, oil and mica on linen, 106 × 79 in. Courtesy Eleven Rivington, New York.

Jackie Saccoccia's Portrait series debuted at Eleven Rivington last year, and the images still pack a colorful punch. 

Jesse Greenberg, Tool Cell, 2014, resin, pigment, steel, bb's, 24 × 18 in. Courtesy Loyal Gallery, Sweden.

Brooklyn-based artist Jesse Greenberg made it on the New York art scene with an acclaimed solo show at Derek Eller Gallery this winter. Here, he supplements his signature liquefied resin canvases with a very solid 3-D tool. 

Rachel Foullon, Cruel Radiance (Flails-Couple), 2013, antique flails, stain, polished stainless steel, dyed and pleated linen, hardware, 86 × 60 × 2 in. Courtesy Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton.

Rachel Foullon is known for her excellent abstract sculptural installations, made mostly from found objects.Here, two antique flails, farming tools used to separate husks from grain, create elegant fan shapes, separating object and history.

Matthew Brandt, Yossi Milo Gallery 2012 A2, 2014 gum bichromate print with dust swept from Yossi Milo Gallery, NY, 46 1/2 × 61 in. Courtesy M + B Gallery, Los Angeles.

Matthew Brandt is known for rendering photographs from unusual substances, from milk chocolate to bodily fluid. Here he's created a corner of Yossi Milo Gallery, his Los Angeles gallery, from dust collected there. 

Nicholas Buffon, Little Cactus, Seasonal Mess, and Ridgewood Kitchen, 2013, mixed media, various sizes. Installation view. Courtesy of the artist and Callicoon Fine Arts, New York.

"Charmingly disheveled domestic scenes" is how Callicoon Fine Arts described Nicholas Buffon's dioramas. Lined up on the booth's wall in the fair, the pieces are a little bit of home.