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Casting Call: West Side Story

Anita is older, wiser, and sassier than Maria. If she has a Romeo and Juliet counterpart, it's Juliet's nurse—a vaguely motherly figure with whom you could comfortably discuss the boys you'd like to sleep with. Sandra Vergara, the younger adopted sister of Sofia Vergara, would make a lovely Anita.



Diego Boneta has the right experience for a role in West Side Story 2014—hes already been in one stage-to-screen musical adaptation (it was Rock of Ages, but shhh). We envision him as Chico, aka Tybalt/Paris, Maria's other prospective love interest and the man who kills Tony.

Photo by Mark Segal


Tony, a former member of the rival Jets gang, is Romeo. Although he's no longer an active Jet, he still has ties to the gang and Riff, the Jets' leader, is his BFF. In the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars, New York native Ansel Elgort plays the earnest, well intentioned, strong, but not as strong as he thinks he is, Augustus Waters—all qualities that Tony possesses. The Fault in Our Stars is only Elgort's third film, but it certainly won't be his last. We'd like Elgort to play our Tony.

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West Side Story is a musical based on Romeo and Juliet (isn't everything?) and Maria is the Juliet character: a sweet, naïve, and very pretty Puerto Rican girl whose brother just happens to be the leader of a gang called the Sharks. Twenty-five-year-old actress Aimee Carrero is very pretty, and we'd like to see her get a starring role. We're not sure how strong of a singer she is, but she wanted to be a singer as a child, so presumably she is able to use her vocal chords. Besides, if things go our way, she won't have to do much singing.

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Bernardo is Maria's older brother and the leader of the Sharks. He's a little bit possessive and patronizing when it comes to his little sister, and certainly doesn't want her gallivanting about with Tony. In our film, actor Adam Bakri would play Bernardo. We're aware that Bakri is Israeli and not Puerto Rican, but Hollywood has overlooked far bigger things. And just look at his cheekbones.

Photo by Christopher Gabello


Starred Up is a gritty, independent British film about a juvenile criminal who is prematurely transferred ("starred up") to an adult prison. It stars Skins alum Jack O'Connell, and he is brilliant. We'd like O'Connell to bring some depth to Riff, Tony's best friend, the leader of the Jets, and the closest thing West Side Story has to a Mercutio.